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Concrete Floor Refinishing: A Smart Idea

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Is your concrete floor damaged? Is it losing its appealing shine? Well, concrete, as with many other materials, can be damaged.
Concrete damage not only affects the beauty of your flooring: it can also be a hazard if holes or cracks start to appear. There are various reasons as to what may be causing damage to your concrete floor, and you might want to consider performing a concrete floor refinishing. Concrete stores moisture, so once it has dried it may crack. If concrete is not installed properly it can result in bubbles that will form a hole in the flooring area, which introduces a hazard to the building and anyone stepping on the floor. Read this article »

6 Drywall Cutting Tips

 - by Kate Miller

After spending all your money buying great quality drywall sheets, you do not want to make a mess by cutting your drywall the wrong way. Cutting drywall may seem straightforward, however, there are special techniques used to ensure that you get clean and neat cuts. You will need to cut drywall to fit over corners and unusual shapes. You will also need to cut drywall when installing it over fixtures such as sockets, ceiling bulbs, switches and smoke detectors among others. The following are some of the ways you can cut drywall so you do not end up wasting your drywall supplies. Read this article »

Working at Heights in Canada: New Rules

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According to the statistics of the Workplace and Insurance Board, one in six workplace injuries is caused by falls, This is also the main cause of fatal accidents in the construction industry and Ontario is no exception. As an employer, you must comply with the new regulations of Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act and take any necessary precaution to protect your workers from hazards, including falls, and that means providing them with fall protection equipment and training. Otherwise, you risk prosecution for not abiding the law. Read this article »

Flat Roof Inspection – When & How Inspect Your Building

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A flat roof that doesn’t get inspected in time can present many risks to the homeowner. Cracks and small leaks will appear and they can seriously damage the interior of your home, even its foundation. Roofing experts keenly recommend regular flat roof inspections, at least every two years, considering they can identify and repair the problems in your roof before they become major issues. Even though you will be charged for the inspection and the repairs now, this will help you save the money you would otherwise spent on repairs later. Read this article »

How to Organize a Small Office Space for Optimal Productivity

 - by Lillian Connors

Having a small office space represents different challenges for the people who work in it. If it isn’t well organized, almost everything is bound to end up on your desk, creating an absolute clutter and consequently affecting productivity. For this reason, a solid organization plan can help you keep things tidy. Here’s what you need to know.

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Latest Innovations in HVAC Technologies

 - by Leon Tsebro

HVAC (an acronym for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems use a variety of technology such as DEVap, Geo-Thermal technology, Nest Learning Thermostat, Natural Refrigerants. DEVap (desiccant-enhanced evaporative air conditioner) optimizes the energy usage for air conditioning by 40 or 90 percent, by separating the hot air into two air streams; one stream is dried by liquid desiccant, and the other one is humidified. Combining these two streams creates dry, cool air without using a coolant.

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Home Renovation Tax Credit

 - by Leon Tsebro

Home renovation can be expensive and taxing; luckily, the government of Canada has created a non-refundable tax-credit for renovation called the Home Renovation Tax Credit, also known as HRTC. HRTC can be applied against the work and products used to renovate an eligible dwelling. An eligible dwelling is defined as a piece of property (house and land) that is owned by you (alone, with another person, or a share of capital stock), your partner (current or former spouse, current or former common-law), or (your, your spouse’s, your common law parner’s) children (under 18 years of age) at the time of the renovation or alteration. Read this article »

10 Creative Ways to Renovate with Wood

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Interior design trends are constantly changing. Wood working is one of the few trends that have been quite consistent. Whether it be a furnished office room or a kitchen cabinet, a nice wooden finish can really make a difference in your home. In today’s day and age, the wood is incorporated in more sophisticated and contemporary ways in comparison to the past. There are a variety of wood types that may be used to build or renovate a piece of furniture; your choice of which one to use should depend on the piece of furniture you are constructing and your esthetical preference for it. Here are some hot trends for you to consider: Read this article »