Create a Vintage-Style Bedroom

 - by DianaSmith

Bedrooms are places which are usually not exposed to guests. However, well designed and well organized bedrooms can drastically improve the lifestyle quality of a person. The location of this room should be suitable for resting and at the same time this room should be inspiring and practical. 

The space

vintage roomVintage-style rooms are known to have resembled a medieval style in certain aspects. It would be good if you had high ceilings because they complement these types of bedrooms nicely. However the colors of the walls are one of the basic things in these rooms. They are usually decorated with lines, circles or other patterns and many of these rooms have wallpapers and king size beds. If you don’t have a king size bed you can transform a regular one by adding a frame or some posts. You can also make a silky material hang from the sides or just above the headboard. The walls should have gentle tones with darker or lighter patterns and decorations. You can place a commode right next to the bed instead of using a regular sideboard. But if you cannot afford a commode you can transform your sideboard by adding some custom carved legs. Beds are usually covered with bedclothes which are matching the style of its surroundings. Another important detail is the color of the pillow which matches the color of the outer layer of the bedclothes. This outer layer mainly serves the aesthetic purpose so you will probably need a small wardrobe for its disposal before bedtime.


The vintage-style bedroom should have enough light in order to emphasize its magnificence. Darker bedrooms should have darker window frames with slightly lighter curtains but lighter bedrooms should have white transparent curtains. In order to emphasize the vintage style even more you can tie you curtains at the middle and spread them at the top which can improve the look of your room. If you decide to buy un-transparent and thick curtains than you should pay attention to the strength of your curtain poles which can also be a good aesthetic detail. If you have a lot of streetlight outside of your room you can use darker curtains in order to provide a peaceful rest but make sure you incorporate it properly with other pieces around it.


In order to make your vintage bedroom look harmonious you should look purchase furniture made out of the same type of wood. If you already have furniture in different colors than you should consider painting them. Some people like darker walls and in this case you should paint your furniture in lighter colors and place some light in the corners. The same color should be used for every wooden object in the room which also includes the floor and the bed frame. A lot of bedrooms are also used for studying which means you need do some custom changes by adding wooden details to your desk. If you don’t have the time to customize your desk you can purchase a new one or order a custom made desk. To make your desk more interesting you can place a vintage globe of the Earth. If you want to emphasize the feminine side of your room you can place an old rotating mirror on your desk. For details you can use either black or silver colors which can have a positive effect of the ambient by making your room more elegant. The working section of this room should be emphasized with some old books on some vintage bookshelves embedded to the wall. You can also place an easel to fill the corner of the room and make it look even more functional and interesting.

The middle of the room usually seems empty without a nice warm rug. The rug can be also placed under the bed or under the desk depending on the effect you want to achieve. If you just want to will an empty space in the middle of your bedroom you can try a woolen rug. Rugs come in various shapes and they have a lot of influence on both aesthetics and comfort of any vintage-style bedroom. You can find single colored rugs or ones with some vintage patterns and decorations which can complement nicely your vintage-style bedroom and make it unique.