10 Creative Ways to Renovate with Wood

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Interior design trends are constantly changing. Wood working is one of the few trends that have been quite consistent. Whether it be a furnished office room or a kitchen cabinet, a nice wooden finish can really make a difference in your home. In today’s day and age, the wood is incorporated in more sophisticated and contemporary ways in comparison to the past. There are a variety of wood types that may be used to build or renovate a piece of furniture; your choice of which one to use should depend on the piece of furniture you are constructing and your esthetical preference for it. Here are some hot trends for you to consider:

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Kitchen Cabinets: In addition to storing utensils, kitchen cabinets possess the opportunity to make a statement. Using a marble counter and mahogany cabinets, you can create a beautiful contrast.  If your floor is already furnished, choose a darker shade of cabinets in order to create a more defined look.

Bathroom Sink Cabinets: Don’t forget about your bathroom cabinets! Similarly to the kitchen cabinets, you should have marble counters and wooden cabinets. Use the shelves beside the toilet to store toilet paper, air fresheners and other bathroom items in a reachable place.

- Closet Shelves: It’s time to get that closet you’ve been dreaming of! By adding wooden shelves, you can organize your shoes in a sophisticated manner. Not only that, but by adding cabinets, you can allow yourself to feel like a royal, as you organize your best clothing!

Fireplaces: Electric fireplaces are making a comeback, and you could have your very own custom fireplace that will fit right into your interior! In order to provide a modern and slick look for your home, you can put your fireplace into a marble surrounding and a mahogany mantel. Alternatively, you could surround it with a dark shade of wood and a marble mantel, to create a more rustic feel to you fireplace.

Entertainment Wall: The standard TV wall stand is getting outdated and it’s time for an upgrade! The new trend is to incorporate your TV and all of your entertainment systems into a combination of sliding doors, cabinets and shelves on your wall. The sliding door can be used to hide your TV, turning  your entertainment wall into a knick knack bookcase.


Doorways: Why go for the traditional white doorways? Use a mahogany or oak to add a subtle rustic feel to every room. The darker the colour, the more refined it is.

Front Door: Don’t stop at having a simple doorway; make a statement from the exterior of your home by replacing your front door! When you are making this decision, remember to make it consistent with the style you want to achieve: If you would like to get a smoother look, choose a darker the colour; if you would like a more subtle or pastoral look, then you should pick something a little lighter.

Bar: Instead of going out to drink at a bar, make a home bar instead! A bar made entirely out of oak will add some entertainment value to your home. You can even build an overhead glass rack to keep all your alcohol all in one shelf.

Wine-rack: Are you a wine connoisseur? If you are, getting a wine-rack for your household is a no-brainer. With cabinets attached, you can store your wine, your bottle openers and wine glasses together in an organized, stylish manner.

Office room: Furnished maple wood is a style that is class enough to be considered a classic. Although having wooden walls, desks, and floorboards is considered traditional, the trend of have white walls and one wooden wall, has emerged. It is common to put a desk in the corner, in front of the wooden wall, creating a modern twist on a traditional wooden office.


Whether you are looking for a more urban or modern look, your interior could benefit from new wood-work. Look for custom wood workers such as HomeRenoPlus, to get the best quality, professional results