3 Reasons To Clean Your Eavestroughs Before Winter.

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For all you folks who make sure to take good care of your house this will likely not be news at all, but for a beginner homeowner it may actually come as an important eye-opener. Eavestroughs tend to be overlooked, and quite frankly, sometimes they don’t seem to be there for a reason at all. But it’s an illusion. Those metal tubes can do one of two things for you: they can be nice and shiny, and channel the rainwater to where you want it to go, or they can be rusty and creaking and create a real danger to your property.

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Really, it  may not be immediately obvious, but eavestroughs are a really important part of your home’s exterior. Without them, the water would pour straight down your walls and into your windows and basement. This brings us to the first of the 3 reasons to clean your eavestroughs before winter:

  1. Water safety.

Water is nice when it’s in your faucet, in the bathtub, or when it’s watering your plants. Among the places where it doesn’t belong is your basement, your expensive hardwood floors, your drywall, or your furniture. A leaking eavestrough will send the water down the exterior wall and will flood all those places that you really want to keep dry. If you don’t want this happening, it may be prudent to clean your eavestroughs before winter.

  1. Property Value.

When the time comes to sell the house, your eavestroughs will be a significant part of the first impression you make on the potential buyer. Perfect, shiny, new-looking eavestroughs will be noticed immediately, while rusty, loosely hanging eavestroughs will have a noticeably different effect.

  1. Value and Safety.

windows cleaning servicesThis is the most important reason to clean your eavestrough before winter. It has both long-term and short-term implications. By cleaning your eavestroughs before winter, you do not only ensure proper drainage, as mentioned before, but preserve the eavestrough itself and make sure it lasts for years before having to be replaced.

The thing here is, that when water does not properly drain, it collects to a pool that will expand when temperatures drop below zero. This will add weight to your eavestrough and also damage it by widening cracks and scratches. An eavestrough that was damaged this way will need replacement and may even become a danger to people walking by as it may detach from the roof and tumble down under it’s added weight.

Cleaning your eavestrough before winter will keep you safe from this danger, as well as ensure proper drainage during rainy seasons and secure a rust-free property value in the long run. Visit Nick Window and Gutter Cleaning Services website www.nickswindowcleaning.ca now to get your eavestroughs cleaned for a safe and carefree winter!