4 Common Problems of Stoves and Ovens During The Holiday Season

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The most important part of any holiday season is definitely the food. Your oven and stove are number one priority when it comes to pleasing your guests. In order for your turkey or holiday speciality to cook properly, keeping the right temperature is the most important aspect of baking. Whether the oven is too hot or just not warming up to the right temperature, checking at least a week in advance would solve you major headaches and problems. The simplest way to check is by going to your local hardware or appliance store and buying a simple oven thermometer. Then you would set your oven to the needed temperature of cooking and leave it there for 15-20 minutes. Remember to not open the door during the time, make sure the oven is finished pre-heating and then check. The only way your food is going to cook properly is to pre-heat! Below are the most common problems that can occur and the best solutions to solve them.

Gas Burner on Gas Stove Won’t Work


If you have a gas stove and realize you are having issues with lighting up the burners the day your guests are coming, try the following solutions:

  • Clean the igniter
  • Clean the area of burner
  • Check the electronic ignition system


Lighting Not Working

The lighting inside an oven may not seem to be an issue because all you really need is heat. The oven light actually saves cooking time and energy as you can look inside instead of opening the door and letting aromatic scents escape the oven. Therefore, if your light is out it is recommended that you check the bulb and check the connection.


Oven Door Stuck Closed

All your holiday plans may be ruined if the over door just does not open and let you place your delicacy in to cook. The issue may be that the door latch is jammed. You will need to take apart the oven door and realign the latches so they can move freely. This is where you will look to your owner’s manual in order to disassemble the door properly.


Keeping Oven Clean

Keeping an oven clean is one of those things that can just fly over your head and you remember last minute when you have burning scents coming from the oven. To avoid this, do not run the self-cleaning cycle before that big holiday dinner. This is because ovens have a high tendency to fail during or after the cycle. Instead, use common oven cleaners to get rid of those baked-on spills.


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