A Look at the Often-Overlooked World of Canadian Online Casinos

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For online casino gamblers in Canada, forging on online identity of their own has been rather difficult. Many online casinos choose not to focus on the North American continent in general due to the US government’s strict stance on online gambling. This tends to leave Canadian players out in the cold and resulting in them having far more casino options in common with their British and French cousins than with their American neighbours.


Canada, despite being a country of more than 35 million people where gambling is legal, was, for a long time, not courted by many online casinos. Of course, most casinos accepted players from Canada, but did not offer accounts in Canadian dollars nor support for certain Canadian banking options. Canadians could certainly play, but in GBP, EUR, or USD and support was available in English and French, but designed for people from the UK and France, not for residents of Canada.

However, things are starting to change and Canada is beginning to forge its own online casino destiny. A search for Canadian reviews of online casino sites turns up a large number of international casinos like Betway Casino and 888 Casino that have specifically targeted Canadian customers and offer accounts in CAD.

Moreover, Canada now boasts its own online casino with a specifically Canadian identity: Maple Casino. Resplendent in the somewhat stereotypical red, white, and black that Canada is known for, as well as sporting a maple leaf as its logo, Maple Casino is the first truly Canadian online casino, as well as the most popular among Canadian players.

Running the Microgaming casino platform and offering mobile gaming as well, Maple Casino has all the features of the top online casinos from the UK and Europe. Where they really set themselves apart is their focus on providing services that Canadians want, specifically accounts in CAD and banking services appropriate for Canadians include local bank transfers to banks located in Canada. Live support is offered in both English and French, though other languages are supported for international customers. One final advantage is that Maple Casino is one of the few casinos to support charities, donating a portion of its revenue each year to a specific charity that Canadians care about.

While Maple Casino is the first Canadian casino, its success means that it will by no means be the last. Canadians can see that the future of online casino gambling in their country is very bright indeed.