Architectural Renovation of Old Building

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Old homes and/or buildings created with such historic charm prove to be the real gems of architecture. Their detailed ornaments and ornate columns, capitols and surrounds are showstoppers all on their own. Though, there is a fine line between old-styled, and just plain old! Architectural renovation can be for you if you hope to spruce up your living space and give it a cleaner edge, restoring its charm or creating a unique one all together.

Home Renovation by RS Homes

Four walls

The exterior walls of a home’s finishing materials must be able to protect the home from all elements while concurrently being esthetically pleasing. It must prevent snow and rain from penetrating causing moisture damage and be durable enough to resist normal expansion and contracting due to changing temperatures. Repairing or replacing exterior walls can better protect your home, preserve the durability and structure and  make it more attractive!

First, consider the problem or what you would like to prevent; water and leaks? Stains, sheathing?  By acknowledging the main reason for your wall renovation, you will better  help yourself in the materials decision process by acquiring to your needs.  Perhaps your problem is created by the material itself; your wood materials may be splitting or rotting, or your vinyl sidings may be dented or buckling.

While renovating your exterior, it is also a good idea to consider health and energy efficiency including sealing and insulation to reduce energy consumption and good air vapor barriers and ventilation to prevent accumulation of chemical contaminants inside the house.

Renovation provides an opportunity to improve your home performance. If the interior walls don’t protect the house from elements, further problems throughout the house can be expected

More than Just four Walls, But a Roof over Your Head!  

The average roof comprises 40 percent of a homes exterior, so keep up appearances! You want it to look good. Before anything, check out your roof. Give it a little peek and keep note of any cracking, curling or missing shingles. Also check for water stains in your attic that may indicate a growing roof leak. Eek!

Ask the right questions! You want to be sure that your roofing contractor is right for you. Ask for proof of liability insurance and worker’s compensation. Otherwise, you might be the one liable for job site accident coverage. Concurrently, make sure to get it in writing. Roofing contractors should deliver a detailed proposal that described the type of roofing, material, color and the scope of work to be done.

According to asphalt roofing manufactures association, asphalt shines are installed on four out of every five residential roofs in the Canada. They are available into two types – organic and fiberglass- coming in a variety of colors, styles and visual textures.

Lastly, vent a little. Attic ventilation ensures that your roof has a long and functional life. Contractors generally recommend a minimum or 1 square foot of free vent area for each 150 square feet of attic floor.


Your home or business’ both exterior and interior are very crucial to first impressions! Not only portraying of the lifestyle you lead, but the type of person you are. Over time, your dwelling may need a pick-me-up. You desire something new, something fresh.

Restoration may include or be followed through with  architectural ornaments. Architectural ornaments are something added to a building to improve its appearance, this includes columns, capitals and windows and door surroundings. Columns, or pillars, are compression members used to support beams or arches, It is even used as a decorative piece that has no structural purpose. Capitals are the topmost part of a column, broadening the area of the columns supporting surface. Both components equally beautiful, having the ability to showcase gorgeous intricate details and inscriptions if desired. Window and door surroundings are also timeless, stone ornaments used to surround and encase windows and doors, giving them flawless appeal and a little extra ‘wow’ factor. You can not go wrong with either or.

If you have any further questions, or would like the work and help of true professionals with over 30 years of experience in the renovation and construction field, please contact RS Homes with all of your Architectural renovation needs!  Visit our “Contact Us” page. We can not wait to meet you with your wishes!