Are You Procrastinating to Replace Your Windows?

 - by Leon Tsebro

At a first glance, windows are not on top of homeowner’s priority list. However, there is many a reason to reconsider the importance of this architectural element. The most significant issue is the thermal resistance of your windows, especially during the cold seasons of the year, which entails that the energy consumption of your home, and consequently your heating bill, multiplies in value.


The traditional window consists of the frame, the glass itself and the seal that connects the two. If the seal between your window and its frame is damaged, the heat loss of your home is equivalent to opening your windows in the winter. This damage almost a given in old households, and if it isn’t replaced properly the windows will look newer, but the energy consumption in your home will be unchanged.

Keeping this in mind, there may be other reasons for access heat-requirements of your home. Another reason to replace your windows may be the damage to the window itself, visible to the eye of any homeowner. Whether it is a crack or a break, it may also contribute to the increased hydro-bill, not to mention the personal stain of being “the neighbor with the broken windows”.

Once you have decided to change your windows you may decide to modernize or to compliment the interior of your home, by changing the style of your windows. There are two types of windows that may replace your old ones: the frame-less and the framed. The frame-less is a glass lamina, targeted to a contemporary style, while the framed windows possess designable segments for a classical feel. Windowsills may be customized in both colour and design.


In terms of design, Vinyl window is a new trend that has kept architects buzzing. They combine comfort, elegance, versatility and originality into a single architectural element. The customizability of the window allows it to be both original and useful in whichever way you want. It takes up practically no space to open the window, regardless of which style of window you chose; There are quite a few styles to choose from, so your windows will open in a way that is the most comfortable and convenient for you.

Regardless whether you have an issue with the window, the seal or the frame, or even if you are making the change to fit your new renovation, you should trust a professional installer to replace your windows for you. Changing the windows yourself could lead to the same result, not to mention the danger and the time consumption that you will have to face. So the best option would be to contact a highly trained specialist with years of experience to change it safely, quickly and effectively.

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