Basement Renovation: What Is Your Unfinished Space Hiding From You?

 - by alehfiorante

Basement Renovation

basement remodeling

Basement Remodeling

Renovating or finishing your basement could be one of the best investments you’ll make in your home. While basement renovations add value to your home, they are also cheaper than a home addition. Basements can be transformed into the space you most need, too. Whether your upstairs  floors are too cramped for extra bedrooms or kitchens, or your life would benefit greatly from a new entertainment area for your friends and family, the space basements provide can be turned inside out and renovated to fit your needs and desires. Whether its fitness, fine arts or furniture restoration, you’ll wonder why you haven’t renovated sooner.

Renovation Ideas: What To Do, What To Do?

Whatever your passion, your unfinished basement could provide the extra space necessary to dedicate to your dream. Whether you’re a devoted kick boxer (or sports fan,) an aspiring artist, or a baker etc.,  the space you were too lazy to commit to can hold the key to achieving your goals and providing for your friends and family, as most importantly, yourself.

An unfinished basement can be transformed into a super comfy snug with platform TV for a home cinema,  specially made to satisfy your sports bugs and movie buffs. Perhaps even a bowling lane for maximum entertainment on game night, a private spa or even a well- ventilated space for a home gym. Truthfully, your basement can be a world of wonders to your hearts content.

You may want to provide a dedicated space for a child also, whether they need space for their model trains, to practice their karate, or even just to keep the glitter and glue off of the sofa. Use of space is what every family needs. Large or small, there is a basement renovation idea that fits your size.

Bathrooms: The Ultimate Benefit

Bathrooms can serve the upmost importance and best service anywhere in the home, especially the basement. You wouldn’t want to, nor would your company, spend too long away from the movie or pool table just to reach a bathroom a floor, or two, above. Of course, if you’re adding a guest suite or other private space, a bathroom would b an absolute necessity. Depending on the space, the added bathroom can even be as simple as a one piece made up of only a toilet and sink, where if more space is available, can it  be designed with four pieces- an added shower or even bath.

Kitchens of Any Size

Large kitchens can be beautiful and very useful, though, It’s a given, not everyone wants a large kitchen or even has the space for one.. As much, small kitchen renovations are a great and benefitting idea. Just because you have limited kitchen space (we don’t blame you,) doesn’t mean you can’t have a cooking area that Martha Stewart would applaud.


Basement Finishing: Wait No Longer!

finished basement

Toronto Style Finished Basement

What a waste of space! Why would you want a cold, dark unfinished space in your home when you can use and redesign the space for your needs and passions? Regardless if you have a hobby- or a family- that calls for extra space, a basement can provide for that.

Finishing your basement can give you more living space downstairs, as well as more space upstairs. By relocating your less-used items and storage space to some of your other rooms, a newly finished basement can open out upstairs space, too. Built in storage is very sophisticated, too, both saving you space and further adding to the overall function of the room.

So next time you stop to think about how your basement is just for some place to throw the old Christmas decorations, and for the spiders to rent out- imagine how great it would look as a carpenters workshop or a dance studio. It’s never too late to create your dream space. Live out your fantasy now, renovate and finish your basement.