Bay Windows Installation

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Bay windows are designed in such a way that they project outwards from the wall that they are mounted on. They present various benefits from providing more natural light to making small rooms appear bigger. The windows also provide wider views where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery or other magnificent views surrounding your home.

The process of bay windows installation
You should start by preparing a rough opening where the window will be installed, and this should match the width as well as height of the window while providing an allowance of about ½ an inch. Ensure that you have created an even square opening, which will be easy to determine with the use of a tape measure and a level.

The second step in installation of bay windows is to put the supports in a place, where you will have various options from wooden to iron supports. These should also be level and firmly screwed to provide a strong support. The platform area should then be filled with insulation, and you can now create pilot holes for easier fastening. After this, you will be ready to fit the window.

Before you fasten the window in place, confirm that it is level; then test it for smooth opening and closing. If all is well, drill the head screws through the pilot holes you earlier created. Install shims in any existing gaps between the window and the opening, then apply insulation along the header, jams and sill.

The final step in bay windows installation is to apply flashing which you can easily press down using a J-roller. To create a permanent support for the weight of the bay windows, you can use a set board bracing or simply go with a cable system.

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