Beauty Trends in 2015

 - by admin

Each year, new trends emerge that revolutionize the beauty industry. You may enjoy following the latest trends because you can keep a finger on the pulse of what’s hot and what’s not. Here at Lab Salon and Spa, located in North Toronto inside the Centerpoint Mall, we know what’s on the runways for 2015 in terms of hair styles, makeup ideas and even nail polish colors. Let our talented team of beauty salon technicians guide you in the hottest looks for next year.

Hair Cuts and Styles

5340F765In anticipation of spring 2015, runway models are sporting textured bobs with thick bangs, along with the all-natural look: no heavy lashes and caked-on makeup. The minimal, classy look is in, so go for a slightly messy chignon that takes its inspiration from the Japanese. Also beloved for their messy look are braids. Instead of tight ones, go with loose versions that look windblown, with plenty of tendrils hanging down to frame your face. Low ponytails fastened with leather or elastic ties are in for next year. You can also try sleek ponytails – ideal for girls with long, straight hair – pulled tightly back from the face and secured with a band of your own hair. Extensions are also hot, ranging from streaks of pink to blue to green. Just don’t overdo it – subtly is key.


Shimmer and glitter are what it’s all about for makeup – at least when you’re ready to step out on the town. To get sparkly eyes, apply loose glitter to inner eye, lower and top. Bold oranges and reds are blazing up the runway for spring, boasting a matte finish rather than a super glossy one. Smoky eyes are once again in, as are thick eyebrows. Eye shadow wings accentuate sultry eyes, while a natural gloss to the lips works well when going all-natural for daytime. Try faux gold lip rings in the center of your bottom lip – done in makeup with no piercings needed! Make a splash by trying something new and bold this spring.

Nail Colors

When considering which nail colors to make your overall look really pop, reach for the deep plums and purples, teals, pastel pinks, blood reds, yellows and even beiges. As far as nail art goes, chic metallic, stripes, half-moon manicures, 3D, Indian jewelry and squared-off nails are all the rage. Linear nail art is also cool for spring, as is 3D bridal nail art that pops off the fingers. Always a classic? Bold red nails to match blood-red lips. This one never goes out of style.

When checking out your trusted hair salon Toronto, you know you’ll get the attention to detail and professionalism you deserve at Lab Salon and Spa. We’re open every day of the week so you can come in whenever you need a trim, style, makeup session or manicure. Incorporate the hot new trends of the 2015 season with our help!