Benefits of Built-in Water Filters

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We are what we drink and drinking more water definitely helps improve our health, as long as you’re only drinking the right kind. You could reduce your exposure to chlorine by drinking bottled water, but you won’t be able to avoid the plastics that come with it. On top of that, there are serious concerns about the quality and provenance of some bottled water brands, without adding the plastics. It takes a lot of resources to procure the water and produce the bottles, and most of them end up in a landfill, since the recycling industry can’t handle the entire quantity. On the other hand, tap water is acceptable to drink, but can be made a lot better by removing contaminants through the use of filtration systems.

When drinking unfiltered tap water, you can also ingest a broad range of impurities, depending on your supplier and the area you live in. Some of them are absolutely harmless, but others can picblogimmediately affect your health or slowly damage it over time. These contaminants are classified in two groups: micro-organisms and chemicals. The most common micro-organisms are bacteria, normally killed by the chlorine used by water treating facilities, unless your water supply is from a well. If you’re living in a rural area, there’s also the risk of herbicides and pesticides infiltrating the water. Other chemicals you’re likely to find in your glass are nitrates, chlorine, fluoride or aluminum.

The best way to protect your health from this long list of contaminants is a water filter. The most adequate investment in filtration technology is a whole home water filter, so you’ll have healthy water coming out of every faucet in your home, whether it’s the kitchen or your bath. Once you install a filter, such as the Kinetico Whole Home Water Filter pitchers, refrigerator water filters, counter-top, tap mounted or under the sink filters are no longer necessary, since the water is treated before it enters your home. There’s also the less expensive option of installing a Kinetico reverse osmosis system for odorless, crystal clear, pure drinking water.

If you have a hard water source, with large amounts of minerals in it, you’ll notice calcium build up in your kettle, sink and bathtub. A Kinetico Water Softener can definitely help reduce the amount of minerals by replacing the magnesium, iron and calcium ions with sodium ones, which won’t damage your fixtures and pipes. Since it’s powered by the energy of moving water, you won’t have to worry about an increase in your power bill costs as well.

Besides having a better source of water, installing a water filtration system is going to save you money in the long run, considering you won’t have to spend any more on bottled water, especially with today’s prices.

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