Benefits of Red Caviar

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In some cultures red caviar (salmon roe) considered delicacy and often offered in restaurant or home celebrations. Caviar is popular in east Europe countries, Russian Federation and Asian countries eastern of Russia – China, Korea and Japan. It goes with sushi, bread-n-butter, blinches (European pancakes) and comes in other dishes.
Many Canadians are not familiar with the great taste and the healthy properties of red caviar, despite developed salmon fishery industry in BC. Huge amounts of caviar are exported from Canada to Europe but the demand in Canada is pretty low, mostly among immigrants from Europe & Asia. It is about time to tell a few words about this great nature product!

What Are Caviar Healthy Nutrition’s ?


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Red caviar is reach in vitamin A, which is important antioxidant, this vitamin also protects our body from many diseases and cancer is among them. Vitamin A help your improve eye vision, its irreplaceable for kids. It also helps us to have a healthier skin – works as antiaging nutrition, prevents wrinkling and the fine lines formations; it helps youngsters prevent acne. This vitamin is a great help when you sick – helps fight viruses, infections and bacterias.

Vitamin D is additional good of red caviar. Yep, that’s the same vitamin our body missies in the winter, when we less exposed to the sun, and this vitamin is responsible for many things, and good mood among them. Want to be happy on the cloudy days? Add caviar to your diet and get double effect – consume vitamin D and have a tasty meal – happy mood is guaranteed!

Vitamin C also works to improve our immune system, it can help starting from common cold to prenatal health problems, like vitamin A it improves our skin and helps treat eye diseases.


This element is great for some conditions, and there caviar is reach with it. Doctors advise caviar to their patients with high blood pressure – because of potassium. Medical experts also say that it prevents the development of kidney stones, which formed with calcium, and potassium prevents calcium from formation in our body. There are many regions with high substance of calcium in the water and caviar can help avoiding problems of drinking it.


All of us hear about this fatty acid benefits in the recent time, it is great for joins, bones and overall body and mind healthy tone. But it is difficult for our body to retrieve omega 3 acids from today’s diet, because of the way food processed. Nutritionists claim that the best source for omega 3 today – is wild caught fish, and salmon’s caviar has plenty of this element. There are many benefits of adding omega 3 to your diet, among them lowering stroke or heart attack risks. Omega 3 is crucial for older people.


Many medics say caviar is great for pregnant women. Its reach with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, hemoglobin – this substance is dedicated newborn development in the first way. Not only red caviar has many essential nutritions for the baby development, it also helps maintain mother’s body in a lots of ways, for example reducing depressing with Omega-3 and improves memory skills with acetylcholine.
However, it is important for future mommy to be sure the caviar is pasteurized – this information is usually found on the box.

So, if after reading this article you decided to try this luxury food, you are on the healthy way!

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