Benefits of Switching from Classic to Vinyl Windows

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Every house requires windows and the challenge comes in when choosing the type of windows, since different types present varying pros and cons. The materials used can be grouped into three categories: metal, wood and synthetic materials. Vinyl falls within the last category, and vinyl windows are now very popular, whether for complete new installations or replacement projects.

Some of the benefits that you will get by switching from classic to vinyl windows include:
Energy efficiency – Currently, energy efficiency is a major consideration when investing in windows since this can make a huge difference on the amount that you will spend on your energy bills. Compared to windows made from materials such as wood or steel, vinyl windows are more energy efficient. They will also allow in more natural light, greatly reducing your lighting costs.

When it comes to glazing, vinyl windows are mostly multi-glazed, making them very efficient insulators, and using them will translate to lower heating, as well as cooling costs. In your bid to switch from classic to vinyl windows, you will need to understand some common terms being associated with energy efficient windows today, where these include:

  • U-factor – this is a measure of heat loss; the lower the better
  • Solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) – a higher number means better capabilities of blocking the sun’s heat
  • R-value – measures heat loss resistance; the bigger the better

Lower maintenance – In most cases, classic windows come with a stained or painted finishing, giving them an appealing look as well as making them easy to withstand outdoor conditions like direct sunlight or snow. This means that you will need to be carrying out regular maintenance to retain their gorgeous look. In the case of wood, you may need to carry out soft sanding, among other tasks, to handle warping or splitting.

By switching from classic to vinyl windows, you will save yourself from all those hassles; you won’t need to scrap, stain or paint them. Vinyl carries very deep colors and you will barely notice a change on your windows as time goes by. You will have a huge variety of beautiful colors to choose from initially, making it easy to find a perfect match for your style. Vinyl windows are also scratch-free.

Lower costs – If you have already invested in classic windows, you may notice that the undertaking was fairly expensive. In the case of replacements or new windows for upcoming constructions, you should consider vinyl windows for cheaper solutions. This is so because vinyl is a mass produced synthetic product, and this translates to reduced costs. Its high sustainability also results in cheaper offers.

Your options on vinyl windows designs and styles
You will surely have a number of options when switching from classic to vinyl windows, the common ones including casement windows, awning windows, single and double hung windows. You can browse online for style ideas and inspirations, if you feel the need to.

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