When is the Best Time to Renovate Your House?

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With most Canadians, a house is not just a home but it’s also an important investment that has to be kept in good shape at all times. Renovations are pretty common where people will invest in them for varying reasons including fixing damages and increasing home value among others. In deciding on the best time to renovate your house, you can look at the dos and dons during the summer and winter seasons.

Summer Season

In general, you will have it easy carrying out most house renovations in summer since the weather will be very accommodating. This is a situation where you will freely carry out even outdoor repairs or maintenance works like window replacements or new installations, replacing leaking roofs and painting house exteriors among others. As you prepare for the winter season, you can insulate and caulk your windows.

Modern house designs are now incorporating outdoor structures like patios, gazebos and decks. It will be easier to renovate these in summer owing to the favorable weather. This is a situation where you can repair the railings or fences, repaint the structures or change the roofing. You can combine this with landscaping ideas like front yard landscaping, backyard landscaping and driveway landscaping.

Winter season

kitchen renoThe major reason why you should consider winter as the best time to renovate your house is to cut on the overall expenses. This is so because most people in Canada will have done the same towards the end of summer in preparation for the cold season. During the winter, the demand for professional contractors will be low meaning that you will not only locate them easily, but their charges will also be low.

Most supply companies also tend to slash the prices of their products during the winter season in a bid to boost their sales and making your purchases at this time will save you considerable amounts. During this season, you will mostly be limited to carrying out interior house renovations like replacing interior doors, painting your walls, replacing your flooring, repairing broken hand rails and maintaining chipped countertops.

Improving energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is now a major concern during home renovations projects, and an important advice that experts are providing is to install energy efficient windows. These will help to lower cooling, heating and lighting costs eventually bringing down energy bills. People are also moving away from the traditional incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) and Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) that are now consuming less energy. Such projects can be done at any time.

You will have better results by relying on trained and experienced professionals

Once you are sure of the best time to renovate your house, your next worry should be finding a reliable contractor to offer you some professional assistance. There are various things that you should consider including qualification, certification and area of specialty among others. You can weigh the quality for work that you will get by hiring a particular contractor by checking out testimonials by previous clients.

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