Carpet Cleaning Prices in the Toronto Area

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Many homeowners want to know how much they should expect to pay for carpet cleaning, and how carpet cleaning prices are determined. The goal is to get a good service, while not being overcharged for it. Let’s examine the way this industry works.

Not all homes are the same, and not all carpets are the same either. That’s why there is no one-size-fits-all carpet cleaning price. It all depends. The question is, on what.

commercial & residential carpet cleaning services torontoThe Room Size Factor

Many professional carpet cleaners will simply charge per room. This flat rate usually comes with a size cap and does not apply to rooms of above standard dimensions, pricing those differently. Flat rates for carpet cleaning in the Greater Toronto Area area now range between $50 and $120 per room, with most offering combo prices for 2 and 3 room cleaning deals.

Some companies will also offer to charge per square foot, which is convenient for those who live in homes with smaller rooms. It can also work well for larger homes, where per-foot rates may be lower.

The Technical Factor

The carpet cleaning method will determine the type of equipment and products that need to be employed in the process. The most popular method is steam cleaning. It introduces a hot water-based cleaning solution into the carpet under lots of pressure. Once the carpet is vacuumed clean after that, it is left to dry for approximately 24 hours.

Low moisture cleaning, also known as ‘encapsulation’ or ‘dry cleaning’, uses a chemical solution with a small amount of water to clean the carpet. It is faster and does not require as much drying time, but cannot reach as deep into the carpet and remove the harder stains embedded in it.

The dry cleaning method is usually less costly than the steam cleaning, due to the fact that it does not employ as much equipment and keeps labor costs to the minimum.

Extra Costs for Extra Services

There are additional costs that can come as a result of having to move large or heavy furniture, such as couches, beds and cupboards. Targeted spot cleaning may be needed to combat some extremely hard stains. Such follow ups will usually cost you extra unless it isn’t covered in the initial contract. Other additional services, such as color repair and carpet dyeing are also available in some cases and usually cost extra as well.

Calculating the Total

The bottom line is that the cost of carpet cleaning is comprised of the company you choose, the size and particulars of the rooms, and the type of cleaning you require. When you are choosing a cleaning company, make sure you get someone who is well recommended, and ask for a transparent and easy to understand invoice that details the cost breakdown. And we would also advise to stay clear of the bottom price bracket, as those cleaners are more prone to do a less than good job of the cleaning.

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