Oshel: Fashion’s best-kept trendsetting secret, revealed!

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Prepare for a unique shopping experience in the crowded fashion industry. Oshel House of Fashion takes luxury shopping to new heights.

TORONTO, May 2017 — Women’s multi-brand Toronto boutique, Oshel House of Fashion, stands out from the rest by combining lavish European style with personalized consultations to make you look and feel your best. Read this article »

What Goes Into Professional Photographer Charges?

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Whether you’re in need of event photos or wedding videos, you may take one look at the price tag and get a bit of sticker shock. However, there are many things that go into the final cost of a photographer. Once you understand exactly why photographers charge what they do, you’ll see their final price makes much more sense. Read this article »

Men’s Fashion for newly made parents

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Dad fashion has had a bad rep for years. But this year is the perfect time to strip it of its bad reputation and kick it into overdrive. No one can boast to be as broke and as fashionable as Kanye West, but you too can rock the same professional yet relaxed look. But without looking like “a dad.”
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Best False Eyelashes

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Have you ever been invited to a party in the last possible moment, with little to no time for you to properly apply makeup? In times like these, the fastest way to make yourself look and feel glamorous is by applying false lashes. Read this article »

Unforgettable Wedding Experiences

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Weddings are a significant event, full of joy and excitement. We prepare the best clothing, invest in the finest wedding dress and suit for the newlyweds and put lots of effort into decorations and menus. In addition, there has to be a video and/or photo operator to capture those blissful moments of joining. So, the tables are set and the dishes are served. The bride and groom hit the dancefloor and everybody joins in.

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A Look at the Often-Overlooked World of Canadian Online Casinos

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For online casino gamblers in Canada, forging on online identity of their own has been rather difficult. Many online casinos choose not to focus on the North American continent in general due to the US government’s strict stance on online gambling. This tends to leave Canadian players out in the cold and resulting in them having far more casino options in common with their British and French cousins than with their American neighbours. Read this article »

Discover the Best Selection of Fashion Games Online

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Like fashion? Love games?

If you want to play the best fashion games, the following are some of the hottest games you can enjoy online on your mobile device.

Gala Stories – This game can be enjoyed on Facebook and has been praised by users for its great graphics. You can compete against other players in the fashion world and go on quests. Read this article »

5 Unique Ideas for Floral Arrangements At Your Wedding

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Wedding is one of the most important days in the life of every woman. It truly is the first day of the rest of your life, a beginning of a new stage with the person you hold closest to your heart. Naturally, you’d want that day to be a day to remember, something you will look back on with a joyful tear in the corner of your eye.

Those who have already gone through it and tied the knot can tell you just how much they stressed over getting every tiny detail just right and just perfect. We all want everything to be special and infused with our own personality, but achieving that is going to take a lot of work.
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Bridal Make-Up Tips: Dos and Don’ts You NEED To Pay Attention to

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Your wedding day is getting closer. Everything is taken care of, including a wedding dress. Last two things that the bride is most worried about are the wedding day itself and hair styling and make-up.

No bride wants to look like a whole different person on her wedding day and have the uncomfortable situation where the groom cannot recognize her after lifting her veil. Wedding day make-up isn’t something you should be experimenting with. Read this article »

Benefits of Dancing for Adults

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There are many parents who send their kids to dance schools, however as adults it`s hard to find the time and energy for something that we don’t feel we really need. Now before you nod in agreement and move on with your busy life, let us tell you why you want to keep on dancing well into your later years.

Dancing holds many benefits for adults and can improve your life in ways that not many other physical activities can offer. It can touch on and improve practically every aspect of your life. Read this article »