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Benefits of Built-in Water Filters

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We are what we drink and drinking more water definitely helps improve our health, as long as you’re only drinking the right kind. You could reduce your exposure to chlorine by drinking bottled water, but you won’t be able to avoid the plastics that come with it. On top of that, there are serious concerns about the quality and provenance of some bottled water brands, without adding the plastics. It takes a lot of resources to procure the water and produce the bottles, and most of them end up in a landfill, since the recycling industry can’t handle the entire quantity. On the other hand, tap water is acceptable to drink, but can be made a lot better by removing contaminants through the use of filtration systems. Read this article »

Things to Remember when Putting Together Cabinets on your Own

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Life feels better when everyday requirements could be taken care of on one’s own, from car wash to fine cooking and home improvement, to everything this mantra of self reliance can be applied. For new home owners, the most challenging job to do self reliantly is the heavy duty task of putting together massive wall to wall cabinetry. Full scale cabinetry spanning the whole width of the common space including the drawing cum dining area, the pantry and kitchen as well as bathrooms, is a compulsory fixture for modern homes. Since general urban apartments are usually low on space, it is always advisable to create a modular set up with large compartmentalized cabinets where everything that is needed can be kept handy in an organized fashion. With user friendly do-it-yourself kits installation has become a lot easier; to help the method more here are some vital points for you to remember— Read this article »

Working at Heights in Canada: New Rules

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According to the statistics of the Workplace and Insurance Board, one in six workplace injuries is caused by falls, This is also the main cause of fatal accidents in the construction industry and Ontario is no exception. As an employer, you must comply with the new regulations of Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act and take any necessary precaution to protect your workers from hazards, including falls, and that means providing them with fall protection equipment and training. Otherwise, you risk prosecution for not abiding the law. Read this article »

Carpet Cleaning Prices in the Toronto Area

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Many homeowners want to know how much they should expect to pay for carpet cleaning, and how carpet cleaning prices are determined. The goal is to get a good service, while not being overcharged for it. Let’s examine the way this industry works.

Not all homes are the same, and not all carpets are the same either. That’s why there is no one-size-fits-all carpet cleaning price. It all depends. The question is, on what. Read this article »

Flat Roof Inspection – When & How Inspect Your Building

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A flat roof that doesn’t get inspected in time can present many risks to the homeowner. Cracks and small leaks will appear and they can seriously damage the interior of your home, even its foundation. Roofing experts keenly recommend regular flat roof inspections, at least every two years, considering they can identify and repair the problems in your roof before they become major issues. Even though you will be charged for the inspection and the repairs now, this will help you save the money you would otherwise spent on repairs later. Read this article »

The Many Benefits of Gutter Guard Installation

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When your gutter is all rusted and is either sagging under its own weight, or falling away from the roof, it may be a bit too late to install gutter guards. In fact, it may even be too late to fix it, and the whole thing will have to be replaced. This is obviously something that will cost you a pretty penny. It is not, however, the only benefit of installing gutter guards for your home. Here are a few more benefits of making this small and prudent investment:
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Creative Bathroom Design Ideas

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Most homes have at least a couple bathrooms: downstairs. off the hall, the master en suite. Each bathroom gives you an opportunity to try different design elements and unique features, to create a different style and evoke a different feeling. Do you want the half-bath off the kitchen to seem bright and energizing? Should your master bath be rich and luxurious? There are many different ways to design your bathrooms and have totally distinct looks. Here are some such bathroom designs to give each their own personality and charisma.

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4 Common Problems of Stoves and Ovens During The Holiday Season

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The most important part of any holiday season is definitely the food. Your oven and stove are number one priority when it comes to pleasing your guests. In order for your turkey or holiday speciality to cook properly, keeping the right temperature is the most important aspect of baking. Whether the oven is too hot or just not warming up to the right temperature, checking at least a week in advance would solve you major headaches and problems. The simplest way to check is by going to your local hardware or appliance store and buying a simple oven thermometer. Then you would set your oven to the needed temperature of cooking and leave it there for 15-20 minutes. Remember to not open the door during the time, make sure the oven is finished pre-heating and then check. The only way your food is going to cook properly is to pre-heat! Below are the most common problems that can occur and the best solutions to solve them.

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Top Reason Why Garage Door Torsion Springs Break

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Garage door torsion springs play a vital role in the smooth operation of a garage door. If your garage door fails to open, it might be the outcome of damaged or worn-out torsion springs. They work under a lot of pressure and must be handled by experts. When the torsion springs break, most of the homeowners wonder where they went wrong as they aren’t aware of the common issues associated with springs. Read this article »