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The Many Benefits of Gutter Guard Installation

 - by mikexw

When your gutter is all rusted and is either sagging under its own weight, or falling away from the roof, it may be a bit too late to install gutter guards. In fact, it may even be too late to fix it, and the whole thing will have to be replaced. This is obviously something that will cost you a pretty penny. It is not, however, the only benefit of installing gutter guards for your home. Here are a few more benefits of making this small and prudent investment:
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Top Reason Why Garage Door Torsion Springs Break

 - by promaster

Garage door torsion springs play a vital role in the smooth operation of a garage door. If your garage door fails to open, it might be the outcome of damaged or worn-out torsion springs. They work under a lot of pressure and must be handled by experts. When the torsion springs break, most of the homeowners wonder where they went wrong as they aren’t aware of the common issues associated with springs. Read this article »

How to Feng Shui Your Home on a Low Budget

 - by DianaSmith

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art. The ideology behind it is that it will improve every aspect of your life, from your health and relationships to your wealth and career.

Feng Shui “works” by enhancing your environment according to principles of energy flow and harmony. Most of us are not aware how much our environment influences and affects our lives; it influences all things happening in our lives, our relationships, peace of mind, success… This is why the best way to live a happy, healthy and successful life is to organize your environment according to Feng Shui. Read this article »

3 Reasons To Clean Your Eavestroughs Before Winter.

 - by admin

For all you folks who make sure to take good care of your house this will likely not be news at all, but for a beginner homeowner it may actually come as an important eye-opener. Eavestroughs tend to be overlooked, and quite frankly, sometimes they don’t seem to be there for a reason at all. But it’s an illusion. Those metal tubes can do one of two things for you: they can be nice and shiny, and channel the rainwater to where you want it to go, or they can be rusty and creaking and create a real danger to your property.
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Are You Procrastinating to Replace Your Windows?

 - by Leon Tsebro

At a first glance, windows are not on top of homeowner’s priority list. However, there is many a reason to reconsider the importance of this architectural element. The most significant issue is the thermal resistance of your windows, especially during the cold seasons of the year, which entails that the energy consumption of your home, and consequently your heating bill, multiplies in value. Read this article »

An Intro to Window Grilles

 - by rosannewang

In the renovation and construction industry, windows are a popular request. There are endless ways to customize a window, from frames to the type of glass used; the possibilities are countless. One extremely welcomed route is adding window grills to your windows for an element of design and a touch of creativity.
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Bay Windows Installation

 - by admin

Bay windows are designed in such a way that they project outwards from the wall that they are mounted on. They present various benefits from providing more natural light to making small rooms appear bigger. The windows also provide wider views where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery or other magnificent views surrounding your home.
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Windows and Doors Terminology

 - by admin

Double hung window – This is a window with two operational sashes and this means that it can open by sliding up or down. On the other hand, in a single hung window the upper part of the window remains stationary, but the bottom part can slide up or down.

Casement windows – The windows are hinged on one side, either on the left or the right, and they open outwards by turning a crank.

Awning window – This window is hinged from the top and opens outward from the bottom allowing entry of air from below and the sides. When open, the window slides downwards, and this can, therefore, be kept open even when it’s raining.
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Benefits of Switching from Classic to Vinyl Windows

 - by admin

Every house requires windows and the challenge comes in when choosing the type of windows, since different types present varying pros and cons. The materials used can be grouped into three categories: metal, wood and synthetic materials. Vinyl falls within the last category, and vinyl windows are now very popular, whether for complete new installations or replacement projects.
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