6 Drywall Cutting Tips

 - by Kate Miller

After spending all your money buying great quality drywall sheets, you do not want to make a mess by cutting your drywall the wrong way. Cutting drywall may seem straightforward, however, there are special techniques used to ensure that you get clean and neat cuts. You will need to cut drywall to fit over corners and unusual shapes. You will also need to cut drywall when installing it over fixtures such as sockets, ceiling bulbs, switches and smoke detectors among others. The following are some of the ways you can cut drywall so you do not end up wasting your drywall supplies. Read this article »

Working at Heights in Canada: New Rules

 - by admin

According to the statistics of the Workplace and Insurance Board, one in six workplace injuries is caused by falls, This is also the main cause of fatal accidents in the construction industry and Ontario is no exception. As an employer, you must comply with the new regulations of Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act and take any necessary precaution to protect your workers from hazards, including falls, and that means providing them with fall protection equipment and training. Otherwise, you risk prosecution for not abiding the law. Read this article »

Carpet Cleaning Prices in the Toronto Area

 - by admin

Many homeowners want to know how much they should expect to pay for carpet cleaning, and how carpet cleaning prices are determined. The goal is to get a good service, while not being overcharged for it. Let’s examine the way this industry works.

Not all homes are the same, and not all carpets are the same either. That’s why there is no one-size-fits-all carpet cleaning price. It all depends. The question is, on what. Read this article »

Flat Roof Inspection – When & How Inspect Your Building

 - by admin

A flat roof that doesn’t get inspected in time can present many risks to the homeowner. Cracks and small leaks will appear and they can seriously damage the interior of your home, even its foundation. Roofing experts keenly recommend regular flat roof inspections, at least every two years, considering they can identify and repair the problems in your roof before they become major issues. Even though you will be charged for the inspection and the repairs now, this will help you save the money you would otherwise spent on repairs later. Read this article »

Giles Cadman – Business and Enviroment Blog

 - by admin

Are saving nature resources & sustainable aquaculture listed on your interest topics? Than you should visit the blog we will describe below. This review is about, a blog of Giles Cadman, well-known blogger. Giles main focuses are sustainable fisheries and fine wine growing. Below you will find some highlights of the articles, recently published on his blog: Read this article »

How to Increase Productivity in a Warehouse

 - by DianaSmith

Good efficiency in a warehouse promotes productivity and in order to increase efficiency it is important to have a good quality team of workers. Also, it is important that every worker in the warehouse has a prescribed role that everyone has to follow; essentially it is important to form a well-oiled machine with everything in place. Read this article »

2014 Fall Home Show Photo Reportage

 - by admin

Home Show is the biggest and most important home improvement trade show in Ontario (probably in Canada); there are two annual events going on – Fall Home Show and National Home Show (Spring), with the major amount of exhibitors attending at the spring event.

We have decided to go to the Fall Home Show 2014 and capture as much exhibitors as we can. Take your time to browse the pictures, you will see many familiar faces, you might also find your own company photo here!

* Click on the image to see it fully
Read this article »

Textile Manufacturing vs. Importing

 - by Jace_Cairns

Have you ever examined a purchased product and often wonder precisely where that product was created? Whether it were made at a local threading shop or transported across the cerulean oceans? Do you often wonder what advantages you, as the consumer, can receive from each?  Read this article »

Architectural Design WWW: When, What and Where.

 - by Cobalt900

Ever since it was possible to build something over our heads, architectural design has been hand in hand with structure building. Architectural design can have a religious inspiration, symbolic inspiration, structural, superstition or simply as a form of art. Ever since our ancestors built houses out of clay in Africa, architectural design has taken on an incredible life, and it is a life shared and changed with the people who are behind the buildings. Let’s take a look at where we came from and where we’re going in the world of architectural design. Read this article »