How Public Relations Support Marketing?

 - by Karenrobinson

Public relations support marketing a great deal. Therefore, when you look forward to marketing tools, there is a need to give more importance to public relations as well. In general terms, marketing endorses the transfer of goods and services from the manufacturer and supplier to the consumer. At the same time, public relations assist an organization and its public’s to become accustomed to each other. Without a doubt, marketing and public relations have attained increasing influence in the business world and both are essential to enhance the image of a company. Read this article »

Nowadays Advertising: Online vs Printed Medias

 - by admin

If you are a new business you might be asking yourself: “Should I use printed media for my advertising circle?”

If you are established one your question would be: “Should I stop printed advertising and switch all my budget to internet?”

Most of the businesses asking themselves those questions today. As a marketing industry specialist I will try to answer it in a most efficient way. But first, you need to ask yourself a few question:

-       What size is my business?

-       What is the age of my targeted clientele?

-       What is the competition in my industry?

Based on these “variables” your answer might outweigh to print or online advertising. Read this article »

How to choose promotional materials for your business needs

 - by danradak

When you go to a business meeting or a conference, the essential thing is to bring some promotional materials with you. These events have numerous purposes. Some businesspeople actually go to business conferences and trade exhibitions for the sake of business. However, not all the visitors have the same approach.

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How to Make Yourself Truly Visible on the Internet

 - by markosb

In the world of aggressive marketing strategies and increased amount of competitors which, regardless of their distance, reach your clients’ homes using the power of the internet, your company’s presence on the world wide web is a must. Most people know this by now and the concept does not require any further elaboration, however, many of us don’t realize that being present on the internet and being truly present on the internet are two completely different things. Read this article »

Top 5 Promotional Products Trends for 2014

 - by Sophie Andersen

When it comes to bringing your brand closer to the public, the internet has been the most dominant factor for quite some time. It seems like nailing that hashtag or retweeting a popular tweet is all it takes to make or break your company’s image, and frankly, it’s true. However, digital marketing isn’t everything and it would be unwise to disregard the use of physical space and “In Real Life” ways to promote your brand or product. The following promotional trends should give you a better insight into how to raise public awareness of your brand or company. Read this article »

Eye-catching Trade Show Booth can do a Lot for Your Business

 - by Sophie Andersen

Once you start researching trade shows and whether they are actually beneficial for your business and your sales, you encounter a lot of voices that tend to disagree in most cases. For instance, you will hear from many people that trade shows are a waste of time and money. Well, this is just not true as they are still occasions where you will meet the largest number of people who make decisions and who are there to do business with someone from the industry. Read this article »

Successful Networking Tips

 - by Larysa

Networking is a stressful, yet important part in finding a job. In this day and age, having an amazing resume is not enough to get you a job. It is important to have the qualifications needed to obtain a job, however, employers are more inclined to hire someone who has connections within the company. That is why networking is just as important as your resume. In an article by Larysa Kazyeva, she gives tips and tricks for successful networking.

The main point of the article is self-evaluation. Are you the type of person who interrupts others? Do you slouch? When you interrupt others, it does not leave a good impression, and neither does poor body language. Remember to let other people finish their sentences before you speak. Also, a good posture shows professionalism. Do you have problems speaking in front of others? It is better to fix this problem in order for you to get the most out of networking. The article refers to Toastmasters club and private public speaking lessons as a solution for those with public speaking problems.

Don’t wait for people to come network with you, go out and find contacts! Try joining clubs that peak your interest. You may find people who have some job opportunities for you. You don’t necessarily have to go to a professional meet up to find contacts. There may be people that will be willingly to help you, as long as you put yourself out there.

Remember, be brief but memorable. Be confident. The only way to create contacts is to go out and be social. For more information on how to be a successful net-worker read the original article here.

Social Marketing Tricks

 - by Cobalt900

Social marketing has become the largest form of marketing media in the modern world. Most advertisements no longer simply sell a product, but it’s also to make the customer want to buy the product because it appeals to their interest. The hardest part of Social marketing, however, is the fact that everyone has a different method of appeal, which means that no matter what you do, you’re never going to appeal to everyone you advertise towards. The challenge then is what you can do to make your advertisement work for the bulk of the population that you’re advertising to. So how is that done? How can you appeal to a large audience if everyone thinks differently? Well there are a few things that you can do that appeal to different parts of the human psyche. Read this article »

Home Improvement Industry Online Marketing “How To’s”.

 - by Alex Rakhmilevitch

Despite recession, rate damping, inflation and uncertain economy forecasts construction and home improvement today are still the most money-drawing and reach industries in Canada. Canadian population is growing fast, and everyone knows that the safest place to invest money into is housing and real estate in populated areas.

The way the industry works, however has changed. With online marketing starting to become a huge success, many small companies grew exponentially within a few years. So big, in fact, that some big corporations are losing clients to smaller companies, just because they decided to go online. Read this article »

Marketing Glossary

 - by rosannewang

The marketing industry is a complicated and intricate industry, with many elements included, and technical terms as well. Many of these professional word usages can be confusing and intimidating to outsiders at first glance, but remember, anything can be taught. The following are a list of commonly used marketing terminologies that can be helpful in knowing more about the industry. Read this article »