Landing Page How-To

 - by Cobalt900

Computers are quickly becoming the most common form of media in a person’s home. There are millions of websites people go on every day to do different things, and what keeps them interested is a well-written and thought out landing page. If you’re a moderator, an Administrator or even the head of the company, your top priority is to sell products through your website.

A landing page is the page that you end up on when clicking an internal or external link within a website, they are the main pages to a website in all. There are many things you have to do in order to have a successful landing page that stands out from everyone else, and there’s a fine line between success, and not so much. Here are some helpful tips to make sure you can create a successful landing page on your website. Read this article »

Search Engine Optimization Terminology

 - by admin

Here are some terms from SEO industry and their meanings:

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Keyword / key phrase – a word or phrase your website might be found by in search engine results. For example: “Online Marketing Agency Toronto” is a very competitive key phrase.

Long-tail Keywords – some business owner may choose optimizing long length key phrases to qualify his website visitors. For example “Home Builder NY” has much more search traffic then “Custom Home Builders NY” but ”Custom Home Builders NY” (which is a long tail keyword) will only trigger high end customers.

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How to Get Likes on Facebook / Social Media Marketing

 - by rosannewang

This is the age of social media. However, admitting it is difficult, but extremely necessary. Profiles and pages on Facebook have become insanely popular and relevant for audiences to pay attention to. Getting appreciate gestures from friends and family can mean a load, so why not pump up those likes on your statuses and the content you share? This is one of the most uplifting aspects of Facebook that many individuals and organizations appreciate. Gaining recognition would increase the acceptance of your page, and amplify your name among viewers and audiences. If you are working for a company, some marketing strategies can be applied to ensure successful trafficking. Read this article »