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How Long Is the Recovery Time After Cataract Surgery?

 - by DianaSmith

If you follow your doctor’s orders, and if you keep good health, then you should have no problem with getting out of surgery quickly. Moreover, if you keep doing everything you have been told, and if you keep your health in check, without developing any other major eye problems, chances are that you will have a sharper vision after surgery.

The typical surgery does not last longer than about 10 minutes; however, immediately after the surgery you will have to wait for at least an hour unless you recover from anesthesia and feeling groggy. Also, you will be given protective sunglasses, so that your eyes do not get hurt by bright light and glare. Read this article »

Postoperative Care for Lip Enhancement

 - by DianaSmith

At first, you will receive important information and instructions from the nurse about pre-operative and post-operative phases. On the day of the operation you will need to call and confirm your arrival to the clinic. As soon as you arrive to the ordination you will have a talk with a nurse about the anesthesia and the sedative issue. Before you enter the operative room you will meet your plastic surgeon. The sedatives and the anesthesia will provide you comfort during the surgery and it will keep you sound asleep. The whole procedure takes around two hours which depends on the amount of modifications. The surgery will last longer if the surgery requires more than one procedures. It takes about an hour to recover from the anesthetics and the patient can leave the clinic after four to five hours. Read this article »

Fitness, Yoga, or Pilates? Don’t Choose – Combine!

 - by admin

Have you ever heard of yogolates? Of course not! That’s just a silly name we just came up with trying to cram both “yoga” and “pilates” into one word. It was a bad idea. But, do you know what’s not a bad idea? Actually combining yoga and pilates!

On paper it may seem as if those two things are mutually exclusive. After all, isn’t yoga all about relaxation and tranquility, and pilates all about intensity? Well, yes. Both yoga and pilates have their proponents who would shun the very thought of bringing the two worlds together.

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Bridal Make-Up Tips: Dos and Don’ts You NEED To Pay Attention to

 - by DianaSmith

Your wedding day is getting closer. Everything is taken care of, including a wedding dress. Last two things that the bride is most worried about are the wedding day itself and hair styling and make-up.

No bride wants to look like a whole different person on her wedding day and have the uncomfortable situation where the groom cannot recognize her after lifting her veil. Wedding day make-up isn’t something you should be experimenting with. Read this article »

The Biggest Barriers To A Healthy Smile

 - by admin

Most of us consider our smile one of our most important and influential characteristics, so it’s essential to take good care the teeth and gums and make an effort to reduce the risk of oral disease and aesthetic problems, such as staining and chipped teeth.

When it comes to health, many people take their teeth for granted, but there is a high risk of dental damage and injury and oral diseases are common. The good news is that it’s actually very simple to keep oral

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Benefits of Dancing for Adults

 - by admin

There are many parents who send their kids to dance schools, however as adults it`s hard to find the time and energy for something that we don’t feel we really need. Now before you nod in agreement and move on with your busy life, let us tell you why you want to keep on dancing well into your later years.

Dancing holds many benefits for adults and can improve your life in ways that not many other physical activities can offer. It can touch on and improve practically every aspect of your life. Read this article »

Get Perfect Figure by Perfect Diet

 - by racheldaisy

If you want to go on a diet, a really good thing to do is to educate yourself as thoroughly as possible on what is actually involved with losing weight. You shouldn’t rely entirely on a diet book, or any one source of information, to give you all the facts. When you do this specific, you will probably fall prey to the next super hyped way up diet that you’ll see on television or even in journals. Rather in comparison with teaching people about distinct diets, and then, we will use these paragraphs to instruct you many of the general things you need to understand about reducing your weight before starting racking your brains on which diet you would like to pursue. Read this article »

Beauty Trends in 2015

 - by admin

Each year, new trends emerge that revolutionize the beauty industry. You may enjoy following the latest trends because you can keep a finger on the pulse of what’s hot and what’s not. Here at Lab Salon and Spa, located in North Toronto inside the Centerpoint Mall, we know what’s on the runways for 2015 in terms of hair styles, makeup ideas and even nail polish colors. Let our talented team of beauty salon technicians guide you in the hottest looks for next year. Read this article »