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A Look at the Often-Overlooked World of Canadian Online Casinos

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For online casino gamblers in Canada, forging on online identity of their own has been rather difficult. Many online casinos choose not to focus on the North American continent in general due to the US government’s strict stance on online gambling. This tends to leave Canadian players out in the cold and resulting in them having far more casino options in common with their British and French cousins than with their American neighbours. Read this article »

Discover the Best Selection of Fashion Games Online

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Like fashion? Love games?

If you want to play the best fashion games, the following are some of the hottest games you can enjoy online on your mobile device.

Gala Stories – This game can be enjoyed on Facebook and has been praised by users for its great graphics. You can compete against other players in the fashion world and go on quests. Read this article »

Jobs in the gaming industry boom

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This year, Grand theft auto V went down as one of the best-selling forms of media in history. Bringing over 800 million dollars in sales within the first week alone, more than any movie or form of media this year by over 100 million dollars. As of the past 5 years, this has started to become the norm. Video games are producing hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and beating out every other form of entertainment along the way. The gaming industry went from small-time industries outputting the best they could with what they had back in the 80’s, to the revolutionary consoles of today producing games that create net values of hundreds of millions of dollars. As the industry gets exponentially larger, so too will the job opportunities that have to be met, some jobs in places you wouldn’t even imagine. This is why the gaming industry is a great place to go job searching. Read this article »