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Waterproofing Dictionary

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If you would like to waterproof your basement in the near future and you want to know a little more about it, below are the most common terms waterproofing contractors use and their meaning: Read this article »

Marketing Glossary

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The marketing industry is a complicated and intricate industry, with many elements included, and technical terms as well. Many of these professional word usages can be confusing and intimidating to outsiders at first glance, but remember, anything can be taught. The following are a list of commonly used marketing terminologies that can be helpful in knowing more about the industry. Read this article »

Your Guide for Recessed Lighting

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Over the years of its existence, recessed lighting sources have grown rapidly in popularity as more and more people begin to gain satisfaction and contentment over the products. Recessed lighting has been highly recognized for the wide variety of designs and styles in which they may portray themselves in. They are known to provide you with numerous selection and option in the different designs and allow you the easy pleasure of picking precisely what you desire for your captivating dwelling. Read this article »

Windows and Doors Terminology

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Double hung window – This is a window with two operational sashes and this means that it can open by sliding up or down. On the other hand, in a single hung window the upper part of the window remains stationary, but the bottom part can slide up or down.

Casement windows – The windows are hinged on one side, either on the left or the right, and they open outwards by turning a crank.

Awning window – This window is hinged from the top and opens outward from the bottom allowing entry of air from below and the sides. When open, the window slides downwards, and this can, therefore, be kept open even when it’s raining.
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Search Engine Optimization Terminology

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Here are some terms from SEO industry and their meanings:

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Keyword / key phrase – a word or phrase your website might be found by in search engine results. For example: “Online Marketing Agency Toronto” is a very competitive key phrase.

Long-tail Keywords – some business owner may choose optimizing long length key phrases to qualify his website visitors. For example “Home Builder NY” has much more search traffic then “Custom Home Builders NY” but ”Custom Home Builders NY” (which is a long tail keyword) will only trigger high end customers.

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