Tricks to Convert MAC OLM Files to MS Outlook PST Files with Simplicity

 - by alisahilton90

Blogpro ImageMac operating system generates OLM file as Outlook storage file, which is a different file format from Outlook storage files of Windows OS. Possibly, there exist many reasons for converting OLM files to PST file. Therefore, one requires an effective solution to perform such file conversion.

Tricks to Convert OLM to PST File Format

 Manual Tricks to Perform Conversion

The main incentive of this approach is IMAP configuration. First of all, you will have to create an IMAP account and setup your MAC Outlook account with IMAP mail account. After finishing up with the setting up procedure, synchronize your IMAP and Mac Outlook account with help of IMAP account settings. Now, move all emails from Outlook for Mac to IMAP mailbox and then setup an IMAP account in Windows Outlook. Finally, drag mailbox folder of IMAP to Inbox folder of Windows Outlook.


NOTE: If a user does not have knowledge about IMAP and other methods used in manual approach, then they should not go for this procedure because it is a risky approach.

Limitation of Manual Tricks

  • Does not convert contacts, calendars, etc., in PST
  • The procedure is very complex and lengthy
  • This measure is a time consuming approach
  • Quite risky procedure for normal users

Alternative Tricks to Perform Conversion

To overcome all the limitations of manual trick and get an ultimate solution to convert MAC OLM Files to MS Outlook PST files, is to use third party products that are easily available in web the market. One such is an OLM to PST Converter tool, which converts complete data of Mac Outlook into PST file format. Outlook items like contacts, email, calendar, etc., are converted into PST file format without any data loss. The outstanding feature of this tool is that it provides an option to split large PST files into smaller & hence, easy to manage. Many other useful features are embedded with this product to perform file conversion. We give you a 30 days money back guarantee if you are not like the product otherwise our support team help you a 24 x 7 anytime you a ask question of related your OLM to PST Converter problems.

Final Conclusion

Hence, one can wind up with the fact that the one stop solution to convert MAC OLM files to MS Outlook PST file is by using an exporter i.e. Outlook Mac OLM to PST Conversion.



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