Checklist of Auto Check-ups and Repairs after an Accident

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After an accident, however minor, you will need to assess the damages to your car on the spot, and this can be followed by a professional check up at your auto repair shop. Generally, the possible damages will depend on various accident scenarios including: head on, rear end, roll-over and right angle collisions, among others. Here is a list of things to be done after such a collision.

Immediately after an accident, you should carry out damage assessment, where you can even take photos of the damages, both interior and exterior, as well as the whole accident scene. You should report this to the police since you will require an accident report if you are to file a claim. Gather a number of witnesses and get their contact information, since you may require them if your case goes to the courts.

The next step is to exchange details with the other parties involved in the accident, including insurance details, registration numbers, vehicle descriptions and contact information. Get a copy of the report and keep this safely together with the other details you already gathered to ensure that you can produce them with ease when required.

If you car is still safe for use in the roads, you can drive it to your repair shop, or have it towed, and this is where you will now have a complete analysis of the damages. Some possible repairs that you can get include repair or replacement of bumpers, fenders, the bonnet, boot lids and doors, among other things. Painting is also usually a necessity for most cars involved in an accident.

Article created by Toronto Collision Centre.