Choosing Kitchen Colours

 - by Kate Miller

One of the spaces that you can easily get away with adding a splash of color in your home is the kitchen space. Consider making your home a bit more colorful during the next kitchen renovation project. You have lots of places to incorporate some color in your kitchen. From the walls to the counters, the cabinets and flooring, your kitchen doesn’t have to be in black and white.

Start With The Wall

Give your kitchen wall another color and you’ll notice the instant change of ambience in that space. You can even choose a bold color like blue on your kitchen walls and then pair it with a darker colored counter and brighter cabinet doors. Play around with colors that blend well together. A combination of dark blue walls, a black counter and white cabinets would look really nice.

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Revamp The Kitchen Cabinets

Do away with the plain and boring white cabinets by adding a pop of color to your cabinet doors. Black cabinets are growing in popularity especially when they are paired with lightly colored counters. Just make sure when you give the cabinets a strong color like blue or black; it doesn’t overpower the space. Opt for lighter colors on other elements such as the walls and counters.

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The Modern Monochrome Kitchen

You can still opt for the common color palettes like white, black and gray in your kitchen then add some pop of color on your backsplash, counters, flooring and other kitchen accessories. For instance, you can have a kitchen with white walls and the cabinets come in an unusual custom color that makes them stand out. Just make sure you are very confident about the colored cabinets you choose. Remember that it can be difficult and expensive to change those cabinets later on. Opt to paint the cabinets because it’s easier to change the color whenever you want.

 Monochrome Kitchen

Contrast Countertop Color And Cabinets

Black counters usually go well with lighter colored cabinets. For instance, if you go for a black countertop, choose a plain white or off-white cabinet to create a very strong statement in your kitchen space. Other colors of kitchen cabinets that you may consider if you are going for a darker countertop include off-white, silver and gray.

Contrast Countertop

Consider The Style Of Your Home

The kitchen design should blend well with the rest of the home. Avoid choosing a design that completely deviates from what is in the other spaces. If you are going for a unique color palette, make sure it suits your home style whether traditional or contemporary.

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What’s Popular In Your Neighborhood?

Having a striking kitchen is OK, but what happens if you’ve spent too much on a renovation that it hurts the home’s resale value. Think about the aspects of your kitchen that would make it easier to sell. What are the popular kitchen designs in homes in the area? It’s best to opt for elements that future buyers would love when renovating a home that you will one day want to sell.