Concrete Floor Refinishing: A Smart Idea

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Is your concrete floor damaged? Is it losing its appealing shine? Well, concrete, as with many other materials, can be damaged.
Concrete damage not only affects the beauty of your flooring: it can also be a hazard if holes or cracks start to appear. There are various reasons as to what may be causing damage to your concrete floor, and you might want to consider performing a concrete floor refinishing. Concrete stores moisture, so once it has dried it may crack. If concrete is not installed properly it can result in bubbles that will form a hole in the flooring area, which introduces a hazard to the building and anyone stepping on the floor.

Refinish or Replace?

Concrete Floor Refinishing

It isn’t uncommon for people to have doubts on whether they should refinish their floor or just replace it. At Micron Refinishing, we recommend refinishing the existing floor, as repairing it has multiple benefits. Some of the upsides to refinishing your floor rather than replacing it are:

  1. It’s Less Messy: Of course, refinishing your concrete floor will require machines and leave some dust, but you won’t have to deal with the impending mess that tearing the whole floor apart and building a new one will lead to.
  2. It’s Less Expensive: The cost of refinishing your concrete floor is considerably lower than if you were to replace the floor.
  3. It Takes Less Time: Refinishing rather than replacing can be up 50% faster so that you can minimise the time you spend waiting for your floor to be ready for use again.
  4. It Reduces the Chance of Cracks: Improving the quality of the floor will prevent cracking and improve its defence against temperature changes, heavy weights, and other causes of deterioration.

Concrete Flooring Maintenance Tips

To avoid an early concrete floor refinishing, here are some simple maintenance tips that will lengthen the lifespan of your concrete floor:

  1. Clean spills quickly to avoid stains.
  2. Scrub and dry mop the floor daily.
  3. Protect the floor with a sealer, unless it is already polished.
  4. Apply a floor waxing product to avoid stains, abrasions, and dirt accumulation.
  5. Change and clean walk-off mats regularly.

If your floor is already damaged, or if signs of damage still appear even while conducting proper maintenance, contact our concrete floor specialists at 905.782.9005 to schedule a refinishing, or visit our website , and get ready to enjoy your newly fixed floor!