Creative Bathroom Design Ideas

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Most homes have at least a couple bathrooms: downstairs. off the hall, the master en suite. Each bathroom gives you an opportunity to try different design elements and unique features, to create a different style and evoke a different feeling. Do you want the half-bath off the kitchen to seem bright and energizing? Should your master bath be rich and luxurious? There are many different ways to design your bathrooms and have totally distinct looks. Here are some such bathroom designs to give each their own personality and charisma.

Wall Treatments

There are more creative, innovative, unique things that you can do with your bathroom walls than you could possibly count. If you’re more of a traditionalist, perhaps choosing a bold color with a sandstone texture is the best route to go. For those who are more adventurous, you could give your walls a stucco texture or perhaps a metallic finish.


Via UK Bathrooms

Another option would be to incorporate a bold pattern on the walls using wallpaper. People tend to be very divided about using wallpaper with some loving how easy it is to add elaborate patterns and designs to walls, but others would rather be able to simply add a fresh coat of paint when it’s time to change the look. In a bathroom, wallpaper would serve as a great focal wall; simple and quick enough to put up for an effective, bold look, but only one wall would need to be re-papered when you’re ready for something new.


Via Tali Hardonag Architect

Speaking of focal walls, the sky is the virtual limit. Focal walls can be made using a variety of conventional and unconventional materials. Install a reclaimed-wood wall or even use beautiful river rock to give your bathroom depth and character.



Often overlooked, your bathroom’s lighting can be more than just functional, telling another side to the story. While it’s important to make sure the space where you cleanse yourself, apply makeup, and fix your hair is adequately illuminated, it’s also an opportunity to take the look of your room to the next level.


Via The Iron Gate

One lighting option that’s become more popular recently is to hand an ornate chandelier in your bathroom, especially if it’s a larger one. A chandelier will instantly make the space more sophisticated, luxurious, and refined. It’s an excellent way to make your lighting a focal point in the room rather than a feature that gets lost in the mix.


Innovative Materials

Repurposing found materials has become all the rage in recent design. Not only is it more environmentally friendly, but it also gives a room a unique look and tons of character. Be on the look out for things that you can recycle and use in outside-the-box ways.


Via Boston Biker

In the bathroom pictured here, a bicycle was used to support the sink in place of a pedestal or cabinet. It’s certainly a focal feature of the bathroom and the basket serves as a unique way of storing hand towels for guests.


Via Shelterness

Instead of using standard glass panes or a shower curtain, consider salvaging glass windows and doors to close of your shower. It gives a more industrial, urban look to your bathroom and can actually be quite stunning. Additionally, it’s a much more effective design element than your standard shower curtain.


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