Don’t Replace Your Squeaky Floor, Silence It!

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Toronto, ON – September 19, 2014

To some, a simple squeak may be a slight annoyance but to others, squeaky floors can significantly disrupt the comfort of their home. It’s a common assumption that to silence a squeaky floor you have to replace the entire floor. Toronto based Silent Floor Solutions is the first company dedicated to shattering that myth by perfecting a process of treating squeaks without a large scale renovation. Visit for more information.

fixing the floorSilent Floor Solutions has developed a patent-pending process for hardwood, parquet, carpet and stairs that focuses on stabilizing the internal layers of wood flooring where squeaks originate. This process uses engineered technology to eliminated the squeak and prevent new squeaks from forming in those areas without having to replace the floor.

For someone coming home from a night shift, a squeaky floor can interrupt a sleeping family. Squeaky stairs can be a loud disturbance to downstairs neighbours and anyone with a baby knows the importance of stepping carefully to avoid making noise.

“When a squeak starts to interfere with your daily life, it’s time to think about a solution,” states Lev Remennik, Co-Founder, Silent Floor Solutions. “If you can’t afford to replace an entire floor, have heritage flooring you want to keep or a new but squeaky floor, we have developed a cost effective and eco-friendly solution that will eliminate the squeak from your floor.”

Initial Consult and Preparation

During the first consult, Silent Floor Solutions will inspect the floor and evaluate the problem areas with the client. The project scope, size and price will be determined during this comprehensive, expert assessment.

The problem areas are taped off in small sections and work is done only in the identified problem areas so day to day routines are not interrupted, even during the repair stages.

Repair and Restoration Work

Squeaky floors are often the result of structural wear and defects originating from loose joists, distortion in subfloors, moving elements within ceilings or walls, spaces forming between floor boards due to drying and rotting and loose nails, screws or worn hardwood boards rubbing together.

flooring problemsSilent Floor Solutions uses a unique adhesive that is applied to the internal layers of flooring through small holes to stabilize the internal structures of the floor to eliminate the squeak. Tiny holes are strategically drilled into the floor to apply the adhesive, which is designed to spread evenly between the internal layers and problem areas that are causing the squeaks.

“Depending on the scale of the project, repair and restoration can take anywhere from one to three visits, but most cases require only one visit,” adds Lev. “The work is done directly from the floor surface so there is no demolition, no renovation, little to no mess or wasted material and no noticeable marks left after the treatment.”

While some situations require a completely new floor, replacing a floor requires knowledge, skill and expertise. The floor, subfloor and structure of the house must be built with the right materials and installed correctly in order to prevent a squeaky floor in the future. Floor replacement is a large financial commitment, not to mention the mess, disruption of routine, noise and most importantly, it doesn’t guarantee that the squeaks will stop.

Silent Floor Solutions’ innovative process and technology guarantees a measurable difference in sound and they are confident that they can eliminate 95% of squeaky floors and reduce the severity of the remaining 5%. The process is a permanent solution to the specific area treated and should outlast the floor itself.

About Silent Floor Solutions:

It started with a loud sound coming from one particular spot in Lev Remennik’s house that was disturbing his family’s sleep and interfering with their daily routines. After months of interrupted sleep, he decided it was time to silence his squeaky floor once and for all. After approaching experts for advice and receiving no real solution other than the suggestion to change the floors entirely, Lev decided to take matters into his own hands. A mechanical engineer, he drew on his knowledge and resources and began experimenting on that one spot in his house, until the squeak was gone for good! Together with his son Mark, Lev continued to perfect the method and silenced a few other squeaky spots in their house as well as in the houses of family and friends. Gradually, they developed a complete system for repairing squeaky floors. Four years and hundreds of silent houses later, Silent Floor Solutions shares their stories, knowledge, experience, tips and advice to answer questions and provide solutions. For more information, visit or call 647-427-4260.


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