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If you’re going through a bad case of smelly feet and you’re afraid of taking off your shoes when at a friend’s house, the simplest and most practical solution to your condition is to order E∙Zyme Sport, for the bad odor will simply vanish.

The doctors call it bromodosis. Because there are more sweat glands in your feet than in any other part of your body, about half a million of them, they will constantly produce sweat to maintain your skin moist throughout the day, a lot of it, especially when it’s hot outside or when you’re exercising.

Usually, your feet aren’t allowed to dry off properly because you’re wearing certain types of shoes and socks, so the sweat stays there, instead of evaporating. There’s only one thing bacteria love most and that’s a dark and wet environment in which they can thrive. Bacteria break down the sweat when it comes through the pores and the smell becomes evident when the sweat decomposes.


Ultimative Odor Eliminator

Everybody’s feet have smelled at one point, regardless of the time of the year or the outside temperature, but the most predisposed to it are pregnant women and teenagers, due to the hormonal imbalances. The most common causes for smelly feet are:

-        Putting on the same shoes day after day. The shoes drench in sweat and people wear them the next day before it evaporates;

-        Deficient personal hygiene;

-        Stressful situations;

-        Hyperhidrosis, a condition that makes people sweat more than usual;

-        Hormonal changes.

A solution to breaking down the sweat is the use of enzymes, proteins that immediately accelerate chemical reactions, something which E∙Zyme Sport contains. Enzymes do the bacteria’s job so fast there’s nothing left for them to thrive on. E∙Zyme Sport is really easy to use, just a simple spray after taking off your shoes or after you use a sports equipment being enough to keep the affected area dry, clean and odor free.

You can use E∙Zyme Sport anywhere you need it:

-        Any kind of shoe, boot or sock;

-        Sports apparel, gloves, helmets;

-        Fitness apparatus after use.

To get rid of bad odors today, order E∙Zyme Sport at www.goezyme.com