Easy Tricks That Will Keep Your Rug Clean

 - by Sophie Andersen

Keeping your home clean and hygienically on a high level is the very essence of a healthy life. When your home is spick and span and your children do not breathe dust-infected heavy air, it is time for other methods of keeping yourself and your family healthy. But that first step is the most important. There is a TV show on the air that showed how some families neglect and ruin their kitchen by not cleaning them and by leaving dirty dishes in the sink for ages. The point of the show is that the professionals who are the authors come to those ugly kitchens and clean them.  As they are doing that, they advise the owners of the place how to avoid doing the same. The most important thing to keep your home clean is cleaning it regularly. If you do not do anythnig for a couple of weeks, you will have less will for cleaning as time goes by and that will lead to a total chaos all over your place.

modern rug

Modern Style Rug

The ground of every home is the flooring. No matter if we are talking about the insulation of the floor that is meant to keep your feet warm or the covers that have the same basic function with an addition of keeping your feet clean, too, the flooring is the base of every home. When you know that, it is time that you become aware how important it is to keep it clean and feet-friendly all the time.

If you have children, keeping your floor clear is even more important and necessary, since kids can be quite sensitive to dirty rugs and carpets. The reason for that lies in the fact that rugs and carpets are often populated by different bugs, like maggot, and other microorganisms. Because of that, children can develop allergy to those flooring inhabitants. That is why keeping your rugs and carpets is of greatest significance in your place.

To make your rugs shine and protect both your feet and your health, you should introduce taking off shoes for each and every visitor. Shoes are one of the most polluting devices when it comes to the home floor pollution. If your visitors respect you, they will have understanding for your problems. However, if you are about to throw a party and many people are going to come, you should dodge that rule or remove the rugs and carpets, so that your guests can keep their footwear on.

traditional rug

Traditional Living Room’s Rug

Rugs have to get dirty at some point of your life, of course. When such a situation occurs, you can simply apply one of many chemical substances that are usually mixed with water to get a foamy texture and rub your rugs with them. However, you need to be careful because some chemicals are not appropriate for some materials, like wool and cotton. The most typical mistake is applying a wool-unfriendly chemical onto wool rugs. That usually ends with a ruined wool rug or it damages the colour.

Apart from washing them regularly, your rugs should be vacuumed, as well, to suck into the cleaner all the dirt, hair and microorganisms that might harm your breathing system. Also, whenever sometimes spills on the carpet or rug, be fast and remove it quickly to avoid further damage.


Sophie Andersen is an interior designer from Australia. She is working as adviser for home decoration at rug store in Sydney. Love to write and share her tips&tricks about home decoration.