Ethnic (Multicultural) Advertising and Online Marketing

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Whether you are the jack-of-all-trades in a sole proprietorship, a member of a partnership, a member of a company measuring 5-15 members or a transcontinental corporation, ethnic advertising is guaranteed one of the smartest business investments that you could undertake.

Although this method of advertising is fairly common in places such as the USA, France, and Israel, it is a relatively new path that is starting to take root in Canada as well. Because of the cultural diversity in Canada, and with a population of 45% immigrants settling down together in communities in the GTA alone, it is essentially guaranteed that ethnic and cultural advertising will very soon become the forefront of advertising the nation over.

So what exactly is ethnic advertising, and how does it benefit the business? Ethnic advertising is the practice of targeting your advertising campaigns to specific ethnic groups or communities. If, for example, you serve Russian cuisine in your restaurant, then the smart thing to do would be to spend your advertising money placing ads in newspapers, magazines, or radio channels that are either Russian based or frequented by Russian individuals. This is the same concept for any other nationality or ethnicity.

Although the major forms of ethnic advertising are those mentioned above (radio, magazine, and newspaper) as well as television, a new variable is entering the system, and that variable is online marketing. Online marketing is extremely effective when it is targeted at a niche market, and it can only be more so when targeted specifically to the nationality or ethnicity of your desired clients.

How to implement ethnic marketing online:

  • Adding multilingualism to your website. By adding a section to (or having a copy of) your website in another language you broaden the chances of a visitor staying as a client, especially if the product or service you are selling is relevant to said language. For example, a restaurant selling Middle Eastern food can have menus or descriptions in Middle Eastern languages, catching the interest of Middle Eastern peoples who either barely, or cannot read or speak English fluently.With cultural community populations of up to 300 000 individuals in the GTA alone, and some 3-5% of these searching keywords in their native language, you also allow google to serve your website to your potential audience. To the other 95-97% the use of their language may provide a warm, friendly atmosphere in which they will be more willing to stay with you as a client.
  • Using Google’s PPC (Pay Per Click/Adwords) tool to target desired lingual segments. There are PPC settings that allow you to target browsers running on operating systems in particular languages. This makes sure that the clicks that you receive, and the money that you pay for the exposure is all being directed towards potential clients.

On a side note, not only does the language have to be relevant, but you must be sure that the language chosen is one that you, as a company, can communicate in. If part of your website is in Spanish, and a Spanish speaking individual calls your company you must be sure that you have at least one Spanish speaking individual that can assist them.

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