Exterior Renovation, the Counterintuitive Obvious of Renovation

 - by Leon Tsebro

Renovation has become a common practice in the current day and age, as illustrated via popular TV shows such as “Love it or List it”, “Property Brothers”, along with many others. In many cases renovation implies reconstruction of the interior of the home, which is why the exterior of the house is often neglected by the homeowners.


The exterior of the house affects its value, in both a financial and a personal sense; it affects both self-image of those who live in it, and other people’s attitude towards the owners and/or the tenants of the home. There are a variety of different aspects of exterior renovation that will give a new breath and a new feel to your dwelling.

First of all, you have to get an estimate and a plan of what you will do that incorporates your vision into your budget. If there are budget conflicts, affordable alternatives can be used to attain the great look you are imagining. This entails that at the end of the day, the result of your renovation is only limited by your imagination.

Your list of desires may include installation of brand new windows, doors, lighting, columns or trim or creation of a new porch, stairs, patio or garage. Your plan could include an increase of indoor space, a wonderful walkway, a fresh coat of paint, or an application of brickwork for stylistic or for price-efficient reasons. You could also replace your old tiles with new flagstones, old window or door frames with new ones, or your exterior crown molding.

Based on your vision and your budget, you may decide to follow a particular style and use particular materials when you are transforming the exterior of your home. You could follow the Classic American style, which includes glittering whitewashed walls and fences, a spacious yard with a light brown wood patio. Alternatively you could go for the Cabin in the Woods look, which uses dark brown stone tiles, and natural coloured varnished wood. Another popular option is the Suburban Mansion style, which is popular because of it is clean, classy, low maintenance and high durability; it uses a stone tile façade, stone pillars and heavy wooden or iron doors.

It is important to mention that some particular aspect of construction require specific development permits, before any work can be done. Keeping all of this in mind, it is evidently the best to leave the execution of your plan to professionals, who know how to coordinate various types of work, in the most efficient and effective way. It would save you countless hours of research, calling, counting, and organization and give you a peace of mind. Besides freeing your time up for leisurely activity, it would also free up your mind to come up with the most outstanding vision for your future home. Your renovation would be completed in the shortest amount of time, with minimal discomfort and stress to those living in the house.

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