Eye-catching Trade Show Booth can do a Lot for Your Business

 - by Sophie Andersen

Once you start researching trade shows and whether they are actually beneficial for your business and your sales, you encounter a lot of voices that tend to disagree in most cases. For instance, you will hear from many people that trade shows are a waste of time and money. Well, this is just not true as they are still occasions where you will meet the largest number of people who make decisions and who are there to do business with someone from the industry.

Of course, a trade show can still be a waste of money if you go there just to be there. In order to make a splash at a trade show, you need a booth that will attract people and business. It is estimated that you have anywhere between a nanosecond and three seconds to attract people’s attention to your booth. And this is how you do it.

1. Be as dazzling as you can

The dazzling here stands for the actually visually dazzling, meaning as colorful as you can get without looking like a circus and as chromey and shiny as you can get without looking like a space ship. Quite simply, trade shows booths that are more visually noticeable will attract more people than drab, gray ones with brown and ochre details. That is just the human nature.

2. Make sure people know who you are

The first step in this is getting a large printed marquee that will have your logo as well as a punch-line of some kind; which will let people know you are there even when they are far-away. Most trade show spaces are quite high and you need to take advantage of that space and give people far away a chance to see that you are there and that you are waiting for them.

3. Get your team matching uniforms

You may be of the opinion that matching uniforms are lame and stupid. The simple truth is that a team is more visible and more attractive if they are wearing matching uniforms, preferably in bright colours, although this is not a must. They look more like a team and on a subconscious level, this gives the visitors to your booth more faith in your team and what they have to offer.

 4. Offer a special and make it visible

There is good chance that you have already considered putting up a product or a service as a special. Well, why not make it as visible as possible? It will not only invite people to check out that particular special, but to come to your booth in the first place. On the other hand, you should never try and attract people with nothing but SALES/DISCOUNTS/FREE/30% signs. It will make your booth look cheap and like a yard sale.

5. Consider putting on a show

Many successful  trade show booths have a little show planned out for the visitors, a demonstration at least. If you decide to do this, it might actually be a good idea to hire professional actors. Sure, your “Jerry from accounting” may be talented, but you do need professionals who will always put on a great show and who will be able to do it with the same fervor for the 12th time over the course of three days.