Fitness, Yoga, or Pilates? Don’t Choose – Combine!

 - by admin

Have you ever heard of yogolates? Of course not! That’s just a silly name we just came up with trying to cram both “yoga” and “pilates” into one word. It was a bad idea. But, do you know what’s not a bad idea? Actually combining yoga and pilates!

On paper it may seem as if those two things are mutually exclusive. After all, isn’t yoga all about relaxation and tranquility, and pilates all about intensity? Well, yes. Both yoga and pilates have their proponents who would shun the very thought of bringing the two worlds together.

But, if you’re looking for an effective workout program that focuses on burning calories and improving your body definition while keeping you flexible, PiYo may very well be the thing you’ve been looking for.


How does it work?

PiYo is a fairly new workout program which combines the elements of yoga and pilates and puts them into overdrive in order to sprinkle in a bit of good old cardio for the best possible effect. This way you will not only get your body in the high functioning mode that will make you feel healthy and beautiful, but it will also improve your core power and your balance and help you remain limber.

What’s so good about it?

PiYo is a program designed for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fitness newbie looking to shed weight and make your body beach ready, or a veteran gym rat looking for a simple and safe way to stay in shape. PiYo doesn’t involve any weights or any workouts aiming to build up bulk muscle. It will keep your body slim and well defined using nothing but your own body weight. It is also great for people struggling with joint issues, since it doesn’t involve any high jumping or exercises involving standing still in uncomfortable positions for long stretches of time. It is nonstop fluent motion that will put the entirety of your body to work to help you reach overall optimal condition.

Can you be a bit more specific?

You will start the program by getting familiar with the fundamental movements, making sure you learn to execute them properly. After that the program systematically moves in a number of directions aimed to address specific regions of your body and achieve various overall effects. Some of the aspects of the program focus on improving your lover and upper body strength respectively, building up your core power, sculpting your body into a lean, chiseled machine, burning up inordinate amounts of calories and improving your overall strength. In general, if you’re looking to bulk up on muscles, you should consider some other workout regimen, but if your aim is to build a lean, defined figure and feel healthy, strong and invigorated, PiYo should definitely be on your radar.

Sounds good. How do I get started?

It’s really simple. Visit Dance DNA studio or sign up here and book a free session to see if PiYo is the right workout program for you.