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Are saving nature resources & sustainable aquaculture listed on your interest topics? Than you should visit the blog we will describe below. This review is about, a blog of Giles Cadman, well-known blogger. Giles main focuses are sustainable fisheries and fine wine growing. Below you will find some highlights of the articles, recently published on his blog:

Diatoms in Distress

diatoms-distressThey are invisible but are just as important as the air we breathe. In fact, they are one of the reasons we have air to breathe in the first place. Discover the Diatoms – the microscopic miracle workers that filled our atmosphere with oxygen millions of years before the rainforest grew and joined them in that enormous task. Now, as is with the rainforests, they are in trouble. And with them, so are we. Read on to find out more about this problem and on the possible ways to solve it.

In Support of the 100 Mile Diet

When your food travels from afar to reach your local supermarket, it leaves a trail of smoke, gasoline fumes and other things that contribute to our ecological footprint. What’s more, the farther we reach for our shopping, the more the local economy suffers, the more disconnected we are from our own immediate environment. Learn about a great initiative – the 100 Mile Diet, a simple way to create a flourishing environment in your local market and community.

Asian Aquaculture Innovation

As the oceans are depleting and wild fish is becoming scarce (yes, it’s already very noticeable), fish farms are providing more and more of the fish that ends up on our plates. The fish farms have a wide array of problems, however. They take up seashore space, have problems with disease and parasites due the their being in direct contact with ocean space and many more. This is something that has long waited for a serious solution, and it looks like one is on the way. Learn about a recent innovation – Fish Farms in the Sky.

Sustainable Winegrowing

sustainable-winegrowingWine comes from the land, not from the wine cellar. It is the unique makeup of the soil, it’s chemical substance, type of stone and gravel, unique moisture levels and so on, that make the unique taste of the grapes. Wine growing is an art, just as is wine making, and there is a lot to know about both. Read about wine farming techniques that preserve the land while producing exquisite wines in the process.

Working Toward Bio Neutrality

Another push for Bio-Neutrality is being made in the Caribbeans, as researchers and entrepreneurs search for alternative and innovative fish farming methods. Mangroves are also an important thing to put our minds on preserving. Read about both these issues and more in the following article.

Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Human activity in the industrial age became one of the sources of ecological decline and created many problems on our path as an intelligent species. Learn more about how human activity, and especially Sustainable Entrepreneurship, can help reverse this effect. We can build a culture that will endorse progress that benefits us as well as the environment, creating a lasting effect for many generations.

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