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shaking-hands-2974789_1280Immigrants play an important role in the rapid growth of the Canadian economy and now account for more than 25% of the workforce across Canada. The set of government policies and programs have been put in place by Immigration Canada and the Ministry of Labor in order to balance the natural workforce availability decline due to the aging of the Canadian population. And it has brought its positive results in the developing of sectors of the economy with shortages of labor such as healthcare, social assistance, retail sector, and construction.

Green Light Canada Global Mobility Solutions offers its help for potential candidates in finding the optimal way to find employment and immigration opportunities within the existing Canadian immigration system. The wide spectrum of programs available to help new immigrants to settle and find employment in the Canadian bustling labor market is much easier to navigate with the help of experts who keep abreast with the most recent changes and updates.

Working with its clients Green Light Canada Global Mobility Solutions is able to find the real solutions for people in real life situations – which often means limited funds, extended families, and language barrier, and need to go through extra certification within a shorter period of time to be labor market ready as soon as possible. In real circumstances every month of delay, uncertainty and waiting for paperwork matters. That is why having a competent consultant on their side really matters.

Professional immigration consultant will not only be able to evaluate candidate’s chances for success quite quickly but to offer the efficient strategy based on his or her skills and find the program that will offer more opportunities. Choosing the right strategy from the beginning is the key to achieving immigration goals. You can not really underestimate the importance of filling out the required paperwork, and having all the supporting documents ready and submitted on time. One unchecked checkbox or mistake in date might take a few months to rectify, not to mention choosing the wrong immigration strategy altogether.

The information is provided by Green Light Canada Global Mobility Solutions. If you have any questions regarding professional immigration to Canada you can book a professional consultation with one of their experts, or evaluate your chances here.

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