Guide for Beginner Drivers: Choose the Right Car

 - by markosb

For many of us, our first car is our parents’ car – the dream limousine we could not wait to sit into and drive away. If you are in this situation, then after passing the driving test, there is nothing left for you to do but to try and get used to what you have. But what if you have an opportunity to get your own car? In this article, we will go through a couple of things you need to bear in mind when choosing the vehicle which will best suit your needs as a beginner driver.

A used car might be the best solution, but shop wisely

Buying a brand new car right away might not be the best solution. You are still new in the whole driving business and you are still learning about yourself as a driver. Spending a lot of money at this stage is risky, because you may end up hating your new purchase. Getting rid of a cheap, used sedan is much easier than selling your new beast of a car for a fraction of the price you bought it for.

Beware, though. You want a cheap, used car, but you do not want a broken thing you will need to repair on a weekly basis. You also want to avoid buying cars which are infamous for being bad choices for beginner drivers. Bring someone knowledgeable on the topic with you when you go shopping.

Consider the vehicle you used in driving school

The most stubborn driving habits are born during your formative months as a driver. This is why, no matter what vehicle you use in driving school, you are likely to get used to it. If the driving school of your choice has cars above your pay grade, do a research on the internet and try to find out a similar car in a lower class.

Compromise on horsepower

Although the biggest wish for many of new drivers out there is to sit in a beast with 200 horsepower, you should know that a lot of experience is needed to tame that monster. The experience you do not have. We are not saying you should buy a car whose strength equals that of a bike, but you definitely need to compromise and choose a moderate solution at first. You have all the time of this world to switch to something crazy later.

Above everything, choose the car in which you feel comfortable

All the useful tips aside, there is one, ultimate tip, which should be the most important to you. Choose the car in which you feel comfortable. Feeling comfortable at the wheel is essential for safe and effective driving, so make sure that before you make the first, historic purchase you take the car for a test ride. Circling around a block for a couple of times should give you enough info on what to expect from the vehicle in the future. If you liked the car, then, and only then, consider buying it.