Home Improvement Industry Online Marketing “How To’s”.

 - by Alex Rakhmilevitch

Despite recession, rate damping, inflation and uncertain economy forecasts construction and home improvement today are still the most money-drawing and reach industries in Canada. Canadian population is growing fast, and everyone knows that the safest place to invest money into is housing and real estate in populated areas.

The way the industry works, however has changed. With online marketing starting to become a huge success, many small companies grew exponentially within a few years. So big, in fact, that some big corporations are losing clients to smaller companies, just because they decided to go online.
So who is the first to use new media benefits? What strategy gets the best results in today digital world? What should home improvement company do to reach the top? Here a few easy steps you need to do:


1.    Professionally looking website

Some companies, even the big ones, own websites that were probably updated around the “previous millennium”. They contain old-fashion design, out-of-date layout (site resolution), flash elements (which are not supported by many mobile devices and non-compatible with search engines) – those are just some examples of things on a website that need to be updated. Some company’s managers are so busy with ongoing work that forget to update their contact details and that looks not professionally at all. Once the website look refreshed and brought to the current search engine guidelines, you start to see a great improvement.

2.    Original, outstanding content

The most important thing that Google is looking for today, is original content. To have your website on-top of others, hire a copywriter that can write a detailed, and at the same time easy to read, description about your company and your services. Moreover, nowadays it is not enough to write good text, the text has to be reinforced by “new media” elements. Sites with a healthy amount of images gets the best results in search marketing today; and when pictures are professionally done, websites are going to draw the most customer response. Ideally, home building or renovation team websites have to include description of services, a visually presented portfolio and video clips with samples of work / clients testimonials. This way you will be found quickly, and your website will be more likely attract potential customers.

3.    Fresh content

Google and other search engines are looking for new, fresh content. New pages, constantly updated sites and galleries are jumping to the top of searches. If your website refreshed on weekly basis it will probably stay at the top of the search. That’s why is crucial to update the website as much as possible; the easiest way to do that is adding new images or managing a blog. As an SEO expert in the home improvement and construction industry, I am constantly monitoring my customers’ websites and see that constantly updated websites stay on-top of the search engine for longer time. Plus, if the new content professionally done, published visuals or articles draw new links and social shares, it helps the website’s popularity and overall leads flow.

4.    Reputation management

Even before sending an email or quote to some contracting team, customers are looking for information and reviews on the company. Not only will they check sites like Homestars for reviews, but they will also look for local reviews and ratings on G+, search for discussions about the company, and may also go to YouTube. To decide on a renovation contractor takes some time because it’s an investment. And today, with the growth of internet usage, People can quickly see if something not right. That’s a tricky subject for a company, because it’s hard to know what information could be found about their company online. Some business owners find bad reviews after being published years ago; but there is a big chance some potential customers found this review in a past and decided not to go with company with “fishy” reputation.

5.    SEO

Despite Google changing many regulations as of recent, and traditional SEO is getting harder and harder to do, optimizing your company website is still the most important thing that any business manager can do, especially at the home improvement industry, where each potential customer who finds your company brings great profit. Getting your website optimized properly will get all other elements (content, company reputation, visual look) to work together and to bring to your business the best result.


So, if you read this article you know what the initial steps are to get your website updated. Internet users (which can be nearly anyone) can find your website, read about your company strong points, see your achievements shown by professional content creators and visitors will be able to see what your customers say – on your corporate website or on external resources.

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