How Public Relations Support Marketing?

 - by Karenrobinson

Public relations support marketing a great deal. Therefore, when you look forward to marketing tools, there is a need to give more importance to public relations as well. In general terms, marketing endorses the transfer of goods and services from the manufacturer and supplier to the consumer. At the same time, public relations assist an organization and its public’s to become accustomed to each other. Without a doubt, marketing and public relations have attained increasing influence in the business world and both are essential to enhance the image of a company.

It is spot on that both marketing and public relations went through such dramatic growth and evolution during the past several years. The field of marketing and public relations has in fact tested with fresh and innovative strategies in the business filed in an effective manner. Both the marketing and public relations were so far successful to project a positive and convinced self-image especially in the business arena. Most of the business people are considering marketing and public relations are important strategies to promote their business and its products.

Marketing is the whole scheme of widening products or services. Marketing includes communicating effectively a company’s advantages to customers and persuade them to buy products or services. Public relations are a vital element of a company’s marketing plan since it gives emphasis to the promotion of goodwill with the public and back up the company image. PR indeed influences marketing strategies of a organization because public relations exists to produce goodwill in the company’s various publics and also guide them to buy products and services offered by the company.

What is marketing?

Marketing is all about sales and inducing customers to buy company’s services or products. It mainly concentrates on customers principally by pleasing customer demand and increase sales. Marketing is about transporting goods from manufacturers to distributors and consumers. Marketing is an effective method used by firms to maintain existing clients and draw the attention of potential clients. It is also used to by the organizations to make the customers to have knowledge of their existing and new products.

What are Public Relations?

The main aim of public relations is to boost and preserve company’s image amid public or clients. PR operates with the point of views of the general public and essential stakeholders, for instance the media, legislators and investors. When marketing attempts to advertise and sell the company’s products and services, PR focus on expanding and sustaining relationships with public and brand reputation. PR always aims to put up mutual as well as useful relationships between organizations and their public’s.

A number of companies used to make use of these two disciplines but some others may not apply both to flourish their business. Therefore, the employ of marketing and public relations vary clearly from organization to organization particularly centered on the organization’s purpose, size, and objectives. Public relations are the best friend of marketing and the business people should chew on PR when they try to increase the sales of their services or products along with marketing tactics. Let’s have close look at how public relations support marketing:

Building an Image

One of the most imperative ways how public relations support marketing is through building an image.  Public relations are a very imperative tool for the business people to build an image in the field. A common characteristic of public relations and marketing is their capability of creating and upholding a brand image. Marketing focus on promoting products that goes well with customers’ needs and public relations allows a company to communicate its products benefits to the customers. Public relations attempts to have a say to the company’s image by means of effective media exposure, feature stories, press releases etc. PR allows marketing to make pubic connected activities with the intention of reinforcing companies and their brand reputation.

Building Relationships

Another important way through which PR supports marketing is by building relationships. In order to be marketing tactics successful, there should have a powerful relationship with the public or clients.  The main function of PR is building relationships with its public’s or clients. Building a good relationship with the public or customer is significant if you would like others to buy your products and services. PR can induce people to buy your services and products via creating a good relationship with public as well as maintaining a good standing of your brand amid customers.  Therefore, it is crucial to give prominence to the PR along with marketing techniques when you try to promote your business and its various services amid the targeted customers.

Increases Sales and Profit

PR supports marketing by means of increasing sales and profit. Obviously, none of the company can become successful without good reputation and relationship with public or customers. The company cannot also increase its product sales and profit without superior reputation and great customer relationship. Obviously, a company’s marketing strategies can become a failure if there is no brand reputation and great customer relationship. However, PR can assist a company to attain superior brand reputation and customer relationship. So, if yours primary goal is serving the public and customers, make all the efforts to apply public relations approaches together with marketing.

Helps to Gain Public Acceptance and Approval

Keep in mind that your marketing tactics can only be successful if you get public acceptance and approval. Obviously, public acceptance and approval can allow you to increase sales of your products. Public relations are one of the most productive ways to acquire public acceptance and approval. Public relations synchronized relationships with a range of public’s and customers can let a company to gain public acceptance and approval in particular for company’s activities, including its sales.

Product Publicity and Consumer Relations

Public relations in actual fact support marketing through establishing product publicity and customer relations. Marketing and public relations are chief characteristics of the firm since they develop better brand name and success. Both marketing and public relations share a general position with reference to product publicity and consumer relations. Although, marketing and public relations functions on diverse levels, the impact both have on product publicity and consumer relations are very similar. It is certain that marketing stands to understand, serve, and please customer needs at a profit. PR backs up marketing in an effectual way to attain all these goals.

Add Value

PR supports marketing by adding value especially by forming more customer relations and increasing brand status in public. Public relations focus on the public and therefore, it is easy to understand the client’s needs and requirements. So, PR can advise marketers the important things to focus on while they look for effective strategies to increase sales and profit. PR can in fact aid to add value mostly to by understanding the needs of customers previous to looking to persuade and educate the public about the company’s services and products.  Hence, it can be easily said that public relations support marketing a good deal.

Influences Sales

Definitely, both PR and marketing are successful in increasing a company’s status and brand awareness. Both the values not only educate the public, but also directly influence the company’s sales. PR can understand the needs and demands of public. So, the company can regulate their products and marketing styles according to the recommendation of PR. PR can support marketing by informing about what sort of strategies will help to reach its marketing goals. Since PR understands customers’ minds, it can suggest the ideas for effective marketing and aspects required to measurably and markedly enhance your company’s sales as well as revenue.

Targets Audience

PR supports marketing by targeting audience. A primary method utilized in public relations is to make out the target audience and to shape messages to be related to every audience. PR practitioners have constantly depended on the media with the intention of promoting their thoughts and messages shaped explicitly to a target audience. As digital technology has developed, the techniques to evaluate efficient online public relations efficiency have got better. Digital technology has improved the chances to target different audiences. Targeting different audiences can help to make a broad company reputation and value. Finally, it can guide the company to increased product sales and income.

Accomplish Goals

Without a doubt, PR supports marketing by playing a crucial role in achieving corporate goals and objectives. As a result, the business people should try to properly incorporate PR together with marketing into their corporate tactics to better accomplish success. PR supports marketing explicitly by contributing positively to organizational success by making and preserving a helpful social, business and political atmosphere. A lot of studies have pointed out that customer’s constructive view made by PR benefits an organization’s marketing and promotion tactics.

Public Relations has turned out to be a crucial thing in the business world as it presents the most wanted support and required implementation ideas for marketing.  It is spot on that PR supports marketing effectively. While marketers endeavor to get together customer demands so as to move goods and services from manufacturer to customer, PR aims a variety of public’s and objectives that communally back up an organization’s intentions.


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