How to Choose Car Repair Quote

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Are you tired of asking yourself who can you trust when your car needs fixing or wondering how much the repairs will cost you? Finding an auto body shop that will repair your car flawlessly at the lowest possible cost is the dream of any car owner. Here are a few tips anyone can resort to in the quest of choosing the most suitable car repair quote:

  • Ask your friends and relatives for a referral on a mechanic they worked with and they were content with the work he delivered.
  • Perform an Internet search for a repair shop in your area that has many positive online reviews. But don’t be fooled by false publicity and paid ratings. Search for those shops that have ratings with individualized details and other signs of authenticity. Some of the more serious businesses even answer to online reviews, you can make an opinion on them based on those answers as well.
  • Get informed on the specificities of your car, as to not having your hand forced to pay for unnecessary operations that only inflate the quote and aren’t related to the issue at hand.logo1
  • Overcharges are best avoided when you choose to go to several auto body shops and gather repair quotes. However, the best quote isn’t always the cheapest one. You shouldn’t overlook the quality of work that will be delivered. Most of the time, when a price is much lower than the other, it means the mechanic will skip a step or two in the repairing process, and that will definitely cause you problems further in time.
  • Inform yourself by asking the right questions when you are delivered the repair quote: Will you be provided a written warranty? If so, what does it cover and how long is it valid for? Quality job performers give a minimum of one year warranty, and most increase that amount even more. Be cautious though, as some involve a series of conditions in the warranty requirements which make it very restrictive and therefore useless.
  • Make sure the shop you entrust your car to has a valid business license and a fire and theft insurance as well. You wouldn’t want to pay the price if your car got burglarized, destroyed or stolen while in the care of the auto body shop.
  • Before placing your car in the care of any shop, inform yourself on the quality of materials they will use for the repair. Do they intend to use new, used or aftermarket parts? How many coats of paint and clear coat will be used when paint work is involved? etc.

There are numerous factors one can take into consideration when choosing a car repair quote. One of the most important ones is, without any shred of doubt, your own intuition:

-           If the shop is not busy, former customers might not have been satisfied and they avoid it;

-           The type of work a shop delivers might be reflected by the tidiness of the environment the mechanics works in;

-          Is the owner communicative or straightforward with the customers or does he resent answering questions?

When you are looking for the right car repair quote, you are in fact looking for a shop that knows how to treat customers right. For your car and peace of mind, take your time and choose wisely.

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