How To Prepare a Car for Sale

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So you finally decided to let go of your car and put it up for sale. Either you want an upgrade to something newer or get a bigger or more fuel-efficient vehicle.

  • In this article we will review the steps that lead to a sale that`s both quick and successful.

Selling to a dealership will save you some time and effort, but it will also come at a price – it is never going to pay you as much as a private buyer. So naturally you decide to advertise via an online ad or local newspaper.

You list all the details beside a nice photo of the vehicle itself (make the photo as attractive as possible!). Now
the lure is cast, and you wait for the “fish” to start calling. The serious buyers will set up an appointment to see your car.

  • This is where the sale happens, and to get it right – you have to prepare.

By prepare, we do not only mean getting a mechanical check-up, preparing maintenance slips and topping off the fluids. Those are important, but what you really want is for the car to be liked. Loved, even.

  • Spare no effort and get it so clean that it sparkles.

We would of course recommend getting it detailed by professionals, since they have the tools and know-how to make even so clean it will seem magical. The more attractive your car is, the more chances it will sell, and sell for more, so it’s really an investment that will surely pay off.

If you decide to do it yourself after all, here are a few tips:

hand car wash- Open all doors and turn on some music. You want it well aerated. The music is there to keep you upbeat during this process. It will also make the car happy while you pamper it.

- Take everything out of the vehicle. Leave the manual and non-detachable parts only. Look into every nook and cranny – you will be surprised at how much stuff accumulates in your car over the years, some of it is out of plain sight. Hunt it down and dispose of it to the last piece.

- Vacuum. This is a process you will be repeating, but the first time has to happen now, before you use and liquid cleaning agents. This will help you make sure you got the previous step fully done.

- Upholstery needs to be cleaned and spots removed. If you can’t get the spots out, buy some covers to conceal them. This is important. People appreciate clean seats.

- Clean the windows from both sides. Cleaning only one side, as some people may decide to do – just won’t cut it.

- Expel the smell. Every car smells, and even if the smell is mild, another person will surely notice it. You can even rub aromatic oils into the leather seats and panels to make them nice and fragrant.

There is of course more than that to the process (and that`s why we strongly advise to hire professionals) but you get the picture – it`s all about presentation. Treat it as a first date and make your car as attractive as possible. For all these and many other car services you can visit best professionals in Toronto – Diamond Touch Detailing

Good luck!