Successful Networking Tips

 - by Larysa

Networking is a stressful, yet important part in finding a job. In this day and age, having an amazing resume is not enough to get you a job. It is important to have the qualifications needed to obtain a job, however, employers are more inclined to hire someone who has connections within the company. That is why networking is just as important as your resume. In an article by Larysa Kazyeva, she gives tips and tricks for successful networking.

The main point of the article is self-evaluation. Are you the type of person who interrupts others? Do you slouch? When you interrupt others, it does not leave a good impression, and neither does poor body language. Remember to let other people finish their sentences before you speak. Also, a good posture shows professionalism. Do you have problems speaking in front of others? It is better to fix this problem in order for you to get the most out of networking. The article refers to Toastmasters club and private public speaking lessons as a solution for those with public speaking problems.

Don’t wait for people to come network with you, go out and find contacts! Try joining clubs that peak your interest. You may find people who have some job opportunities for you. You don’t necessarily have to go to a professional meet up to find contacts. There may be people that will be willingly to help you, as long as you put yourself out there.

Remember, be brief but memorable. Be confident. The only way to create contacts is to go out and be social. For more information on how to be a successful net-worker read the original article here.