Jobs in the gaming industry boom

 - by Cobalt900

This year, Grand theft auto V went down as one of the best-selling forms of media in history. Bringing over 800 million dollars in sales within the first week alone, more than any movie or form of media this year by over 100 million dollars. As of the past 5 years, this has started to become the norm. Video games are producing hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and beating out every other form of entertainment along the way. The gaming industry went from small-time industries outputting the best they could with what they had back in the 80’s, to the revolutionary consoles of today producing games that create net values of hundreds of millions of dollars. As the industry gets exponentially larger, so too will the job opportunities that have to be met, some jobs in places you wouldn’t even imagine. This is why the gaming industry is a great place to go job searching.

The Gaming Job market

Aside from the obvious coding, animation and sound job opportunities that arise when a gaming company looks to increase in size or fill a gap; the larger the company, the more secondary jobs are needed in order to cover all aspects of a game release. These jobs include the industries of:

- Marketing and Advertisement

- Cover design

- Console and game assembly

- Sales and profit

And within these industries, there’s the option to have electronic or physical advertisement, sponsoring, artwork, concept art, blu ray and hi def research, memory research, market profit, pre-ordering sales, sales and net gain. This is only a small fraction of the possible job opportunities available, thanks to this booming industry.

Some secondary jobs don’t even require extensive education to do; which means they’re great for people fresh out of high school or college who is looking to make some money whilst they continue their education or start their own career, assembly of a game or console is an example of one of those jobs. The next jobs after this base region do require some education but usually it’s nothing more than a diploma or bachelor’s degree, and the options are massive, gaming allows for some serious advertisement that stretches to all forms of media, be it on paper, online, television, on the console itself and even large billboard or electronic billboard. Even concept art and cover design is available for hiring. Cover art is the front of a game cover and CD, as well as any sort of art added to the game if there’s a specialized version or designs that are put up on the website.

Then there’s the actual development of the game itself. These jobs do require a degree, diploma or even masters and some background experience with the department you wish to join. However, the payoff is incredible, the experience that you get whilst working with a team towards a new game is said to be unlike any experience out there. Usually it’s a team of only 2 buildings working on one game for months or even years, so you form a bond with not only the people you work with, but the characters themselves because you pour so much into them.

It doesn’t matter if you’re working on the game itself, or simply putting it out there, the gaming industry is a huge industry that’s only going to get bigger. If you’re just starting out or want to be a part of a great team, the gaming industry is definitely something to look into.