JW Surety Bonds

 - by GabbyDi

According to most entrepreneurs surety bonds are unwanted necessity. JW Surety Bonds is the company that will make this process much less painful and enable you to get top contracts with minimal amount of paperwork.

bonds-mapWe support strength, trust and stability and offer security to both contractors and obligees. Our company employ dozens of top economic and law experts with plenty of work experience on surety bonds market. Unlike most of our rivals, we offer direct contact with our agency’s decision makers and 100% money back guarantee. Since we are company that employs many MGU specialist you can always rely on our expert help during: preparing, bidding, performing and finishing project phases as well as during the process of getting various types of business licenses.

Buying surety bonds at JW is very simple. Most bonds can be bought on our website and will be approved instantly and hassle-free, we introduced this feature to save our clients’ time and money. Larger bonds need to be approved by our in-house underwriters, but even the process for getting these bonds works on easy ‘Apply-Pay-Print’ principle.

We always hope that we don’t need to claim anything, but if claims become a necessity, our sensitive and highly professional claim advocates will ensure you don’t need to pay any type of false claims and that the claims you do need to pay are provided at minimal cost, which will drastically cut your company losses and probably save you from bankruptcy.

Bonds we offer

We provide companies and individuals with many different kinds of surety bonds. These are some of the surety bonds’ types we offer:

License and permit bonds

These bonds can be viewed as guarantees that protect the public and are required for getting business licenses in most states. You can find various types of license bonds in our offer, these are just some of them:

  • Contractor’s license bonds- these bonds enable you to perform contractor’s work and can be viewed as a guarantee to your customers;
  • Customs bonds- enable trading companies to perform import business;
  • Freight broker bonds- these bonds protect shippers and motor carriers, and they are required for doing freight broker’s work in most states;
  • Retain and professional service bonds- enable various types of companies to sell products and services in their niche;
  • We also have various other license bonds designed for: car dealerships, mortgage companies, insurance, health and medical service providers etc.

Contract bonds

These are by far the most popular bonds nationwide, since they are required for any federal, state or local construction project. While license contractor bonds enable you to obtain contractor’s license, contract bonds need to be acquired for every project that exceeds sum determined by federal, state or local authority. There are different types of contract bonds, which are reflected on different phases of project development. These are:

  • Bid bonds- allow contractor companies to bid on various jobs and their purpose is to protect the public;
  • Performance bonds- these bonds allow you to preform work on awarded project and they protect the obligee and guarantee that project will be finished in accordance to contract terms;
  • Payment bonds- ensure that your suppliers and subcontractors get paid;
  • There are many other types of contract bonds including: maintenance bonds, supply bonds etc.

Other types of bonds

There are also other types of commercial bonds like court bonds, which guarantee that guilty party fulfill all of its responsibilities determined by the court, or fidelity bonds that protect company and customers from employees’ theft.

Contacting our company ensures that you pay the least possible price and that you will have an entire team of finance, law and MGU experts on your side. This will definitely make your company’s business easier and enable you to bid on many lucrative projects.