Landing Page How-To

 - by Cobalt900

Computers are quickly becoming the most common form of media in a person’s home. There are millions of websites people go on every day to do different things, and what keeps them interested is a well-written and thought out landing page. If you’re a moderator, an Administrator or even the head of the company, your top priority is to sell products through your website.

A landing page is the page that you end up on when clicking an internal or external link within a website, they are the main pages to a website in all. There are many things you have to do in order to have a successful landing page that stands out from everyone else, and there’s a fine line between success, and not so much. Here are some helpful tips to make sure you can create a successful landing page on your website.

Structure and layout:

The structure and Layout is the backbone of the whole landing page. This is the section that carries the most weight because structure can make the difference between an exciting and boring landing page. To stick to the exciting side, there’s many things you can do, some of these things are:

-Keep content short, don’t have large, word-heavy paragraphs that people have to read and tire them out, keep things short and to the point.

-Have different ideas in different paragraphs, more than one idea per paragraph becomes very confusing and turns away potential customers.

-Give enough information to pull the customer in, include product name, what it does and how it applies to day-to-day life. Keep these sections even, too much on one part makes it easy to stray.

-Don’t flatter, it sounds strange, but too much flattery actually turns away customers, keep it factual and informational, let the customer want the product themselves, don’t force it upon them.

Converting text size is important to layout as well, you want the text big enough for your potential customer to easily read, but small enough that it doesn’t look like it carries on forever. The best fonts are generally 12-16 fonts; any larger could make your page too long.


Visuals on a landing page:

landing page structure

Visuals are a big thing when it comes to landing pages. Human beings are inherently visual by nature, it is our best attribute.

A visual of your product rather than making your potential customer have to guess what your product looks like. This is especially useful in the renovation and product advertisement industries, where people tend to be very meticulous about what they want to buy for their home or business.

Be careful though, there are certain images you should never put on your page if it is trying to sell a product. Some things that you need to look out for are:

-Quality, The image shouldn’t look like it was taken on a phone, the image should be clear and well lit for the most professional look

-Centering: Make sure the product you’re advertising is at the center of the image, it’s not a good idea to have it in the corner of the image; that confuses the reader.

-Clutter: This is one that I personally have seen all too many times. Don’t put an image of a work-in-progress where tools are everywhere and things are in a general mess. You shouldn’t post an image that has too much in it as well. Try to make it as little cluttered as possible, you want to focus on the product, not everything around it.

Contact information:

This is a big one, especially to wholesalers and advertising websites. You can make your page look great, the product is explained and showed perfectly and everything is working towards getting someone to buy your product; but there’s no way to contact you.

Contact information is Crucial, and it should be readily available right on the page and easy to find. If you’re selling a product, you want your company name, your address, your phone number and your e-mail. These things should stand out and be easy to find. Generally, you would want to post these things after your article and at the bottom, so they’re right there for your potential customer and readily available.

Things that shouldn’t be in your landing page:

There are some final things that you shouldn’t really have in your content on your landing page. Putting down another company is one, because it could get you into some serious trouble, some even legal.

Don’t stray off topic, even if it seems necessary, you’re selling the product that’s on that page, and you should concentrate on content for only that page. Anything else could be really confusing and turn potential customers away.

Don’t be too informational; whilst too much flattery is a bad thing, alternatively, too much information can also be a bad idea. Keep things simple; use words that everybody knows and explain your product as much as it needs to be explained, don’t go into fine details that don’t help you sell your product.

Finally, have fun and be creative! Your page should be eye-catching and enjoyable to read, you’re trying to sell a product, yes, but keep it interesting! Follow the guidelines needed and you’ll be sure to write a great landing page each and every time.