Men’s Fashion for newly made parents

 - by GabbyDi

Dad fashion has had a bad rep for years. But this year is the perfect time to strip it of its bad reputation and kick it into overdrive. No one can boast to be as broke and as fashionable as Kanye West, but you too can rock the same professional yet relaxed look. But without looking like “a dad.”

It’s no small feat trying to keep your own flesh and blood from killing itself or starving. That’s why most dads just re-prioritize and, sadly, fashion gets kicked down the list for a few…dozen places. But the fashion runways around the world were chock full of staple “dad” items. Suddenly, the dad aesthetic is reborn, and even your father’s wardrobe is now deemed “on-point.”

Suits are an indispensable part of your wardrobe. The best wardrobe addition for any freshly made father are tailor made suits. They will accentuate your physique (or flatter you in ways mass-produced suits never could), and you’ll be looking good at work, social occasions, and any other event that involves a more professional attire.

Zip-up fleece is amazingly warm, and every dad knows it. The fabric is fantastic at it capturing heat without making you sweaty. But the problem with fleece is that it doesn’t age as gracefully as, say, Lana Del Rey’s smoky ballads about violent love. So, instead of digging out your old man’s fleece, get yourself a new one. Wash it with your hands so as to avoid it from sticking. Fleece can be great as a cap, or a pullover, or whatever you need to keep warm.

Caps are the iconic style of any proud father. But it doesn’t have to be just a lame head piece. Most caps worn by fashionistas denounce any logo or other graphics. Go with any subtle texture, like that of wool. It’s a great way to avoid wearing a vanilla sports-brand cap, and infuse your professional style with casual pieces that are comfortable, but won’t compromise your overall look.