Modern Kitchen Styles, Designs & Gadgets

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There are many ways that you can change, enliven and refresh your kitchen design, and here in Toronto we see many new trends and styles being experimented with and new combinations are popping into existence constantly. Especially now, when new manufacturing technologies made many materials more accessible, and people are becoming increasingly demanding in what they want and need; kitchens are becoming more and more customized to the specific needs of a home owner and the classical lay-out that was the most common North American kitchen design, is now harder and harder to come by. After all, for a pretty decent price, a group of professionals, can come in and create a kitchen that will not only be perfectly tailored to your needs, but will also be something to pride yourself on when you are entertaining family and friends for dinner. There are several things that you need to consider when you are planning your kitchen style.

  • Color Scheme
  • Physical Layout
  • Materials
  • Lighting
  • Kitchen Gadgets and Appliances

Custom Kitchen DesignThe color choices for your kitchen design are limitless. Paint is becoming more and more accessible in many colors and tones, and you can choose that exact perfect hue that catches your eye. Practicality is important, and while white is a common enough choice, it may be a bit difficult to keep clean. A very popular choice nowadays is red. It shows boldness and an exquisite taste, and is an increasingly popular choice among young business people and single professionals. Combine green and orange for a bright sunny day look and feel, if you have kids, to make it cozy and friendly.

Physical layout and materials go hand in hand, as some materials are easier to shape and work with than others. A wooden kitchen will be easier and less costly to customize, while stainless steel will prolong and extend its durability. The layout is a field with many possibilities. A popular kitchen design trend that we see a lot lately is placing the sink and it’s cabinetry not against the wall, as was the classical custom, but in the middle, this way creating an “island” in the kitchen that can contain virtually everything in one place, and accessible from different sides. Put the microwave and oven on one side, the dishwasher and the garbage unit on another and stock the cabinetry with all those things that you need to operate the cooking process in one place, making for more efficient use. Also, more people can work together, simply standing from different sides of this hub, making the cooking process more efficient and fun!

Lighting and gadgetry are becoming increasingly popular things to play with as you customize your kitchen design. Canadian homeowners are becoming more and more exposed to new kitchen lighting and appliances, or even combinations of the two. Fridges come with ice-boxes and electronic calendars and cookbooks, a digital panel for memos can be installed into a cabinet door surface and water taps can be adjustable, extendable and contain differently colored led-lights that change according to the water temperature. There is also a growing trend for making rotating cabinets that are facing in different directions, and toggling between them creates an innovative and practical storage solution. Also, light fixtures can now be inserted into cabinets, be adjustable and make your custom designed kitchen look like a real cooking sanctum, turning the whole experience of entertaining guests and cooking into a lot more fun!

In short, there is a world of possibilities out there for your kitchen design! To get more ideas, contact the kitchen experts who brought to you this article – MOJ Contracting and get a free consultation.